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Methods of Performance Evaluation

Written Essay:

  • A narrative describing an employee’s strengths, weaknesses, past performances, potential, and suggestions for improvement.


Critical Incidents

  • Evaluating the behaviors that are key in making the difference between executing a job effectively and executing it ineffectively.


Graphic Rating Scales

  • An evaluation method in which the evaluator rates performance factors on an incremental scale.


Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS)

  • Scales that combine major elements from the critical incident and graphic rating scale approach: The appraiser rates the employees based on items along a continuum, but the points are examples of actual behavior on a given job rather than general descriptions or traits.


Forced Comparisons

  • Evaluating one individual’s performance relative to the performance of another individual or others.


Group Order Ranking

  • An evaluation method that places employees into a particular classification, such as quartiles.


Individual Ranking

  • An evaluation method that rank-orders employees from best to worse.


Paired Comparison

  • An evaluation method that compares each employee with every other employee and assigns a summary ranking based on the number of superior scores that the employee achieves.

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