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Metabical Positioning and Communications Strategy

 Strategy For a New Weightloss Drug

What is The Consumer Decision-Making Process For Metabical? Who Is Involved In The Process?

Consumer decision-making process is actually a process through which consumer first identify his needs than what they wanted to buy/purchase. Then they collect some details about the price and quality of the project. After that, they check other alternatives as well that whether they are also affordable, beneficial and have good quality or not. Finally, they made a decision of buying or purchasing that product. The consumer decision-making process foe Metabical is too check that the other weight loss drugs are whether better than this or not. They also checked the price ranges of this pill as compared to the all other pills already present in the market. The persons involved in this process are those who are very much affected by obesity and they already tried every previous treatment pills to lose their extraordinary heavyweight.

How Should Print Up Think About The Segmentation of Potential Metabical Consumers? Who is The Optimal Target Consumer?

The segmentation that prints up introduced about the Metabical consumer was on their overweight strategy. This divided according to their attitudes towards the activities that are physically essential, the food, which they preferred to eat, the amount of food eaten by consumers within their control, their overall scenario about their health and their image in their eyes as well. The optimal or main targeted customers of Print up were those women, especially who are over weighted and wanted to lose their weight without any health issues.

Metabical Positioning and Communications Strategy

How Should CSP Identify And Employ The Differential Advantages That Metabical Offers To Position Itself in The Marketplace?

The support program identifies the following advantages which Metabical offers to have a good reputation of it in the market in terms of having high position as compared to their competitors are online tools that can help us in controlling their weight like food diaries, weight loss trackers, meal plans, that what can anyone should eat and in which amount they must eat or not. Calories and the nutritional calculator is also available on their App that you can measure the calories as well. Menu planners are also available that you can calculate your amount of meal how much is enough for you or not. There are many recipes are also available on the App that you can cook by yourself the nutrient diet. Weight loss training and checking the rate of a pulse during diet plan and exercise so that it can be controlled at once if got disturbed suddenly.

The positioning strategy, which I choose in order to communicate with my target audience, is that I will use the advertising strategy as a must. In addition, I do marketing on social media sites with all the detailed review of the essentials and benefits this pill have. The methods or procedures should be described properly in the strategy. No, I would not change the marketing budget because it is already up to the mark and best to catch and attract the customers. The timeline for my communication plan will be time-to-time change within three days or maximum a week not more than that because it can make customers aware of a product. (John A Quelch, 2010).

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