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McDonald’s Promotional Strategies

For McDonald’s it stakeholders are very important, the step and strategies need to focus to retain the clients, as McDonald’s have the clients from over all the world, the strategies, should be according to the culture and traditions of different countries. Every country should be a priority for McDonald has, because there are loyal customers, for the profitability McDonald’s, should not lose its potential customers or stakeholders.

First there is need to improve the quality of the advertisement, so that people of different countries, find theMcDonald's Promotional Strategies products or services of the McDonald’s most relevant to them, they need to focus on making the campaigns that support the advertisements. The campaign should focus on the single product or service that is relevant to the customers, the holiday and occasions packages for the meals can make the McDonald’s meals more attractive. The keywords need to choose carefully, the gift baskets with the burger can create a center of attention. The advertisement needs to be very simple, so different age groups and people from different social background easily understand the advertisement, the advertisement need to focus on the promotions and free delivery etc.

The behavior of the customers need to be focused or known that what the customer want to see in McDonald’s, from the global economy perspectives, the style of advertisement play an important role, the prices need to be set according to the countries income. Example, in Asian countries, prices should not be higher so the people could easily afford the product or burgers. The free social media can play important role in this way, example people could know about the prices sitting at the home, Facebook and Twitter can help in promoting the services of McDonald’s, regarding the cultural perspective of the country.

The joyful standard of the McDonald’s, need to maintain, the billboards and door-to-door advertisement is necessary now across the world, because the people from third-world countries, think that McDonald’s, have “Ham-Burgers” and “Expensive” meals, so the people do not go to McDonald’s to eat. Door-to-door campaign could increase the sales, as much people come to know about the products of McDonald’s, they will come with the families. Door-to-door campaigns will allow the people to communicate with the staff of McDonald’s. For the campaigns, the staff needs to trained, so that they can guide the customers about the products and in a friendly way, they motivate customer to buy food.

Special magazines could be given to the customers on the special events; the creativity is the important rule for selling the products, McDonald’s should improve its menu, to attract the global world, the menu is very limited, to increase the productivity from all over the world, the menu should be attractive and according to the countries perspectives, values and beliefs. Business cycle behaviors need to be focus, to increase the profit and the productivity, McDonald’s should promote the effective sales around the world, positive feedback is needed between the advertisements, consumption level, volume of sales etc. Long-term trends across the global market should be assessed, to retain the customer from worldwide.

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