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McDonalds Causes Obesity in United Sates

McDonald’s has played a major role, to spread the obesity in the United States, and they have been criticized toMcDonalds Causes Obesity in United Sates constantly, the role they had played in American culture, they have spread the aspects of the culture.

McDonald’s product offered because the obesity and people are in vulnerable conditions due to them as they support the much calories food. The people cannot avoid this focus but there are many problems (Sakeholderdoce, 2014).

McDonald’s need to do decision-making about the strategies that how should they promote their food; they need to promote food, with the label of fresh and health with less calories.

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  • The fries should be cooked in oven instead of oil, this should also be told to public that they are not participating in obesity; they are providing the healthy food and there are no excess calories in the food.
  • The food is need to be promoted according to the culture and social aspects of the countries, as McDonald’s is famous across the world, so they need to make new strategies, only in the countries where people are more conscious about health, in U.S people are facing problems due to obesity.
  • However, in the third world countries, the obesity problem is less, they need to focus more in U.S and the country where obesity problem is increasing, if they want to retain customer and want profitably then, the label of obesity needed to remove.

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