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MBA Degree Reflection Paper Example

Reflection paper

I have taken the course of business policy; I found it most significant at the University of Ohio. However, the course is very useful for me because I got the learning that how an organization can select strategies in order to satisfy various financial situations. In the course, there are examples or case studies of the companies that how they managed themselves in a different financial situation and how various approaches can be helpful in the market. Thus, the course provided me with the great knowledge that how companies can be profitable and effective strategic plans can be made, knowledge regarding the business principles and leadership styles will be useful for me in future.

My favorite case of the course is the “Coca-Cola Wars Continue” because in the case I become able to analyze the current situations of the companies example, Coca-cola and Pepsi, I have understood the industry growth rate. There is the understanding and acceptations that how the companies make strategies in orders to get the effectiveness of the customers and the market.  From the case, I got good marketing and learning experiences; I have analyzed the current situation of the industry through focused on the distinctive competence, key holders, SWOT analysis, VIRO, sustainability and ethical issues etc. I also did the financial part example, ROS, ROA, ROE, revenue growth, Coca cola goals etc. that I found very useful and interesting. Through doing financial part, I analyzed that how to find out companies financial issues and how strategies can be effectively focus. There was the internal and external analysis; the case was really useful for me because I have gained complete understanding of the course subjects.

MBA Degree Reflection Paper Example

My least favorite case of the course is the “Trader Joe” because the case not has the relevant concepts, there is the just discussion of the company values and how the company is performing in the market, there is the deep discussion company history and CEO etc. No doubt that the industry is growing and the company have the competitive position in the market, still, the case is restricted, more concepts can be focused in the case the case study, of want to provide the relevant knowledge of course to the students. The case example “eHarmony” have the relevant concepts that what is going in the competitive market and how there are the efforts to grow through stay focused on the strengths.

However, these three cases, provided me with the extraordinary knowledge reading the subject and course, through case examination I am cleared about the values of the companies, I understand the mission and vision that the company has and how they do struggles in the market in order to get the advantages from the stakeholders. Thus, from the analysis of these companies, I feel confident as the concepts are cleared. I come to know about Coca-Cola that how the company is using the effective strategies in order to get the extra credit and competitive advantages. The financial statements of the companies provide me the understanding that how figures out the financial issues. There is clarity of the marketing and Human resource concepts that how the companies are balancing the strategies in regards to satisfying the stakeholders.

I have the vast knowledge that how the businesses are done, I become able to recognize myself, as there is the great learning that has enhanced my learning and skills. MBA courses and classroom learning made me a responsible man so that I could become able to analyze risks. I have several benefits that there are in my personality through MBA program, I have gained the information and knowledge that how direct investment can be done in the businesses and how maximum profit can be generated, I become able to manage workforce for the company. I come to know that what strategies can be used in order to satisfy the target market. I have gained the financial knowledge.

I would like to repeat the experience because it is the best business degree, I have gain better marketing and industries knowledge, and MBA degree can provide me with benefits in the future as through it I have the combination of academic challenges. I have gained the understanding, as there was the diversity of subjects in the course. Through the understanding of subject strategic management, I come to know that how companies are getting benefits in the market, through different and diverse subjects I become able to explore various aspects of business diversity knowledge and the professional experience.

I have found out the reasons that why big companies are successful in the market and how they are using the effective strategies so that there could be focus and development of the interesting opportunities. I have analyzed that it is important for the business to have the logical thinking in order to make the best and supportive decision-making, however, I have analyzed that it is important to manage the time efficiently so that there could be the best practice of the resources.

I have also gained the personal and professional knowledge through the MBA course I come to know that how the company could survive in the market and there could be best and better services. I have potentials to focus on the business problems and in order to provide benefits to the company I work for. I become capable of surviving in the market and the in the company because I am aware of the professional values. However, MBA degree has made me stronger because there is also great learning of the managerial skills and I become able to focus on the core responsibilities that I will have for my professional because I have gained countless professional opportunities.

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