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Mapping the Coding Revolution

In 1822, Charles Babbage developed the plans for the first analytical digital computer. This led to the birth of the difference engine. In 1957, the first major computer language was developed at IBM called FORTRAN. Its name came from the combination of two words: FORmula and TRANslating. This paved the way for the development of our modern day computers.

Mapping the Coding Revolution

Today, there are approximately 600 computer programming languages. Some of the most common ones are JavaScript, Java, Python, C#, C, C++, PHP, Swift, Go and Ruby, just to name a few. New technologies are continuously being developed and new products, like computers and cellphones, are being produced in such a way that they are becoming faster, smarter, smaller and more efficient.

This is the digital age and we are living in a technological revolution. This is an era of accelerated technological growth and expansion in all directions, and the opportunities in technology are limitless. Think about how often new cellphone models come out, how fast your computer uploads and downloads from the internet, and how much information can be stored in the cloud. All of these concepts did not seem possible a few decades ago.

Each time you use your cellphone, surf the internet, or install an update, you are using the inventions and innovations of software designers. Almost everyone in the modern world uses some form of technology in their daily life. The world of software design and computer programming is the future of the world, and programmers dictate where this future will lead to.

As the world market keeps on growing with different demands, more innovations in products and services will eventually be developed to sustain this growth. The future of technology is limitless. It is a perfect career opportunity for anyone with an interest in computers, information technology, data storage, cloud computing and computer programming

This is why it is so important now to take advantage of the growth in the market and invest in your future. A previous article on ‘The Benefits of Cloud Computing outlined one of the many applications of coding as well as its uses and applications to small business owners and organizations.

As mentioned above, there are about 600 computer programming languages. In the past, if you were interested in learning how to write computer programs, you would have to enroll in a computer engineering or computer science course, which would take many years to finish and would cost thousands of dollars in fees. This is a thing of the past, because these days, there are convenient ways students can learn how to write computer code without having to enroll in a degree course. One such way is through joining coding boot camps. This has become very popular with young students. The coding boot camps are essential training courses designed to arm students with the key skills necessary for careers in computers and technology.

AskMoney’s guide to Thinkful talks about the advantages of an online boot camp and how students today are taking advantage of the fast-paced opportunities they offer. In these camps, students gather in a classroom setting for two to three months. The students are then rigorously trained how to read, write and debug code with the assistance of an instructor who can guide and answer any questions. Many of these boot camps help students get into high-paying tech jobs.

Once a student has the knowledge of how to write computer programs, he or she can go anywhere to various types of technical fields. Fields like software application developer for corporations, website developer, computer systems engineer, database administrator, business intelligence analyst or network system administrator are now within reach. Their computer skills will always be in high demand and they will always have a job no matter where they are in the world. In addition, the average salary falls in the higher range, hence compensation for the job done is always more than adequate and allows one to enjoy the work-life balance everyone is hoping for.

The evolution of the computer has come a long way, and it still looks like we are in the infant stages of its evolution. Science Focus states that innovative technological ideas for the future are limitless and include flying cars, robots and spaceships, all of which still need to be intelligently designed and programmed by our future generations. The best way to take advantage of these developments is to gain the skills now, learn how to write computer code, and become part of the industry that makes our wildest imagination a reality.

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