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Management Strategy Terms of a Company

Three Business Strategies Identified As Providing The Value

Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is the process in the organization that support the creating, managing the knowledge and the sharing, using the information, however, in this way, the organization, focus or approach to achieving its objectives by focusing on the best use of knowledge.

Blue Ocean Strategy

The Blue Ocean Strategy is used by the companies, as there is the focus on the head-to-head competition for the sustained profitable growth; the focus is on the competitors because the efforts are for the profit pool, for the increasing in success, the growth is focused in a market (Kim & Mauborgne, 2015).

Management Strategy Terms of a Company

Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is based on the beliefs and behaviors of the company’s employees, in this way, the management of the company interact with the people, the culture is focused so the employees could be valued, it develops organically and based on the cumulative traits (Thompson & Martin, 2010).

Learning Organization

A learning organization is an organization, where there are facilitates the learning, the efforts are there for the continuously transforms. The team focuses on the work and research so that benefits could be attained.


Synergy means, “Working Together”. Thus, in this way, there could be the focus on the Teamwork so that the efforts could be done for the better solutions. However, it is another way to build the trust.

Environmental Regulations Reduce Firm Competitiveness Or Force Firms To Innovate

there can be the benefits of the environmental regulations, as the company can outweigh the costs and can spend the maximum cost, but there is the need to understand the benefits, for spending on the environmental regulations. Additionally, there can be the health benefits and the clean air, as the company in this way supports the Clean Air Act in the United States. The service or the employment costs of the policy can be expanded but the environmental regulations focus on the providing the benefits to the induce innovation. Moreover, there can be the innovation in the green technologies and the clean technologies. Furthermore, there could be the discouragement of the conventional usual, (polluting) technologies (Pearce, 2014).

Strategic Management

Strategic Management can result in the organizational, optimize efficiency, respond rapidly to the changing environment and develop inimitable resources and capabilities as motioned in the question because, in this way, a company can analyze its resources and the outlook for the performance in the market. Therefore, the steps could be taken for the proactive approach.

Moreover, the other benefits can be there if strategic management focused on the business strategies.  The company in this way can focus on the building of the executive team; there can be the benefits for the strategic orientation process. The company can manage the quantifiable outcomes and there can be a competitive advantage and it supports the intelligent budgeting decisions (Hiriyappa, 2013).

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