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Management Principles and the Washington, DC Public Schools: Choosing a Chancellor Case Study Analysis


Considering the case study it is analyzed that Washington, DC Public Schools was facing the issues in the management as the students in the schools were not showing the significant results and there was no improvement. However, there were labor unions, activists, parents, politicians who were against the management of the school that the school needed the necessary reform. The test scores and the attendance records of the students were not good. Consequently, Michelle Rhee was appointed but she also accounted to make the bad decisions and thus, the school suffered. In this way, after considering the issues and problems in the case, there are some strategies that are recommended.

Issue #1: Stakeholders issues

Mayor Adrian Fenty focused to make the school; as he focused on the effective decision and concepts so that there could be the betterment in the management and managerial tasks. Thus, the stakeholders of the school were unsatisfied with the school management because labor unions, activists, parents, politicians faced the issues related to students they safety concerns. The school was not able to achieve a shared goal because a school was not providing a good education. Students in the schools were failing. In this way, the Reformers wanted reform in the failing schools so that students can be given the desired qualification.

The parents wanted their children to attend school and they want the teacher to be more concerned, there were bad situations that school faced. However, students were not given the quality education besides this there were teachers who were asking the faculty for the more compensation because they were unsatisfied with the amount of compensation that was given to them. The Mayor Adrian Fenty become so dissatisfied from the school administration as he appointed Michelle Rhee; she was the former teacher; who was an outsider for the school so that she could make effective decisions for the schools and so that and help the administration to focus on affectivity.

Moreover, Mayor Adrian Fenty wanted Michelle Rhee to make the speedy reforms because institute was sweeping. She made some decisions but Rhee was not followed by teachers because she gave decisions in which employees do not find any good reasons. Thus, the union, parents, as well as the public, was not satisfied, the parent thinks that on the school board; there were reform decisions that were made. The swift move by the Rhee made it underperforming schools because a teacher did not satisfied with the management and performed in an ineffective way.

Issue #2 Poor management and ineffective decision making

Rhee made the ineffective decisions to run the school as she introduced the value-added evaluation system that can focus on the unique contribution. There was the focus on the student’s educational achievements so that there could be the focus on the test scores that student how the students are performing. Thus, Rhee reforms the D.C school as she wanted to change the building, she wanted to change the lighting, furniture etc in the school so that there could be support, she introduced IMPACT.

There were also the oppositions of the school, and thus, the decision becomes worst. Reinoso was assigned in summer of the year 2004 at the DC school board so that Reinoso’s decisions can be beneficial; there were unsettling observations by the school. She noticed about the neighborhood public school that most of the students or liberal enclave kids went to the city public schools; as it was the better school and these were considered as drawbacks.

The school does not want to get the market share but the school was performing badly or there was the poor performance because core audience was not supported for the school and there was negative attention for the school. The school was based on the ridiculous conspiracy theories and there was the focus on the Reinoso’s campaign so that the management issues could be discussed for school services or facilities.


It is recommended to the Washington, DC Public Schools that stakeholders need to be shown concern and they need to be evaluated so that there could be betterment towards the student achievement goals. The management or the staff of the school needs to set standards-based plan and unit plans so that there could be better assessments and so that lesson plans could be followed according to learning and the classroom behavior that is given to the school from the management system.

There is the need to organize the classroom and well-organized them so that there could be the proper understanding and check for a student. The needs of the student need to respond so that there could be better and higher-level understanding for the students. Supportive and learning-focused environment need to be provided to the classroom community for the student progress and there should be classroom instruction. Students need to track and analyze the student progress and there should be re-teaching in response if needed.

Thus, to manage the school operation, the school needs to focus on cultural competence and positive environment. However, the teacher should also give or provides support so that the barriers as low performers could be removes and there outstanding talent in the schools, the staff members should be evaluated.

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