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Management of People Case Study Solution

  1. Describe the process you would utilize as the city manager to determine the root cause (s) of the existing situations/problems at the plant.

In determining the root cause(s) of the existing situations or problems at this plant, it’s very necessary that one do not jump into conclusion as to what the problem is, but taking a deeper consideration or paying close attention into the problem will not only help in discovering the root cause, but will also help one discover evidences to prove the major causes of the problems. Hence, the process to be used to determine the cause of these problems or situations is the Root Cause Analysis (RCA).

Basically, Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is defined as a structured investigation that focuses on identifying the true cause of a particular problem and the necessary actions relative to eliminate the problem with a permanent fix not just continuing to deal with the symptoms around the ongoing basis. (Duffy et al. 2009) The realistic root cause is usually difficult to determine or measure immediately, it usually takes some deep analysis with the use of one or more tools or techniques for its separation from the symptoms or the masking factors. Further, Root Cause Analysis is a determination of what happened, the reason why it happened, and the process of how to eliminate it so it will not reoccur anymore. (Duffy et al. 2009)

Furthermore, understanding the fact that RCA is a group of problem solving approaches developed to spot the true causes of events or problems is relatively important in the case of Mr. George Franks and the employees at the plant. Apparently, something could have led to what happened, and it is necessary that the practice of RCA is based on the premise the lingering situation are suitably solved, especially by correcting or eliminating the fundamental causes of the circumstance facing the plant, this is opposed to just addressing obvious symptoms in the plant. Now, it is also necessary to bear in mind that corrective measures are necessary to address these issues when they are directed to it, thereby reducing the likelihood of the reoccurrence of the problem.

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