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Loyalty Marketing—Creating Stickiness in a Mobile World

Companies are spending more are on multi-programs, companies want to take advantages of these programs, this isLoyalty Marketing the most easy way for retailers to generate the profit. Acquisition is the most important in business, which is needed to know the potential customers; target market and actual buyers could be known by multi-programs. Not most of the customers are loyal; around 45% of the customer may be loyal, in baby boomer, generation X and Y, baby boomers are least loyal, multi-programs have better capabilities to understand the loyal customers. Loyalty programs, membership is accruing across most sectors, to recognize early adopters, companies are spending more to establish the programs and entice, users to become a member. Signing up has become very easy, loyalty is an emotional state, customer engagement is important; that could be gain from their experiences. Discounts play an important, if discounts are given consumers will be attracted, retailers should have the integrated view, through reward participation Target and Starbuck has created a profiler in customers (Emarketer, 2016).

Loyalty programs can help to understand the needs; it can generate the sense of accomplishment and progress. Mobile Loyalty Channels, online services play an important role in the selling of the product or services, people can do shopping from the smart phone, by downloading applications, on holidays the loyalty program estimated was 37%. Majority of U.S smart phones owners show interest towards loyalty cards, mobile wallets are early in adoption, social media can also emphasis the customers to buy; social networks draw the biggest share of U.S users, face book seems dominant in the social networks.

IBM marketing cloud can help marketers to tell about the deepen customers engagement that how much interest they are, in buying products, can provide a platform and can provide the quick design. IBM marketing cloud is the new way for the agility to innovation. Loyalty program are helpful for the marketers as well as to the customers, as customers are enjoying the services.

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