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Los Angeles vs San Francisco Comparison

Compare and Contrast Essay “Los Angeles vs San Francisco”

There could be many topics in which we can do compare and contrast, however, the cities in the United states can beLos Angeles vs San Francisco Comparison the interesting topic because, it is one State, but culture, people, atmosphere, building are different from each other’s, this is the reason I have chosen this topic for discussion. In the Unites States, Los Angeles and San Francisco are the two main and major cities; they have the different climate, different geographical parks, different attractions, different people, and culture. In both the cities there are expenses of the living and danger of the violence and crime, however, the citizens have the different lifestyles and different values. We can also say that San Francisco is still the traditional urban city, people are polite, and the Los Angeles is opposite.

If we talk about the weather of both the cities, Los Angeles can be recognized as the warm city, especially in the summer, the summers are very enjoyable there are extremely mild winters, however, San Francisco has the best seasons because it is super cool in the winters and summers can be very hot. Both of the cities have a good atmosphere; moreover, San Francisco is brighter and sunny, all the time. Los Angeles has the clear days, which are quite beautiful; it is the open city with the large mountains, however, the air quality of San Francisco is better than of the Los Angeles. The SMOG of San Francisco is very good, especially when there is the blue sky.

If we talk about driving and walking, both of the cities are different, the people of the San Francisco are more healthy and active because they walk in an excess manner, however, the people of Los Angeles travel by the mean of the car. Los Angeles is designed for the driving, and San Francisco is designed for the walking. In my point of view, both cities and people have their own style of living and traveling, but the people of San Francisco are mostly on the roads and you see them walking.

Based on the reason the traffic of Los Angeles is horrible because there are many cars, people prefer cars, it takes hours, when the traffic stuck because in San Francisco the traffic is not terrible, one do not have to sit for long hours as the cars don’t have to sit bumper to bumper.  There are unique restaurants and the places for enjoyment, males are dominant there. In Los Angeles, women and men walk together and women are more stylish as they wear high heels and beautiful makeup. There are gorgeous women.

If we talk about the beaches of both the cities, there are beautiful beaches and people can enjoy. The proper of San Francisco cannot really swim in the  beaches because of the cold water all the time, if one get in, he/she have to leave the water in 3 to 5 minutes because the temperature inside is not good. The people of Los Angeles can enjoy more on the beach they have the reasonable temperature inside the water and better bodies to swim. The people there have the toned bodies, they have the tanned bodies, which are very attractive, the people are fashionable and status conscious, people are very friendly over there as compared to the people of San Francisco.

The people of San Francisco do not have the attractive bodies but they are active, they wear the clothes to keep the body warm, the people mostly show off their wealth. From their appearances, it is difficult to judge them. They have the superiority complex, and this is the reason they become rude sometimes, however, they are friendly also, but most of them do not like others to disturb them as they also do not disturb others. In San Francisco, there is the mixture of the culture as there are varieties of the people; there we can see the Russians, Koreans, Indian, French and Chinese etc. However, in Los Angeles, most of the people are African Americans, Latin Americans, and Hello Koreans.

In San Francisco, there are big banks and fortune 5000 headquarters, there are a number of billionaires than Los Angeles, and the people are good in what they have and what they are. In Los Angeles, there is the talk of money and the people who have the money, everyone there seems happy because they have satisfying status. The people of Los Angeles work out a lot, they follow the diet plans, and do exercise and yoga, to keep them fit. In San Francisco, there are talks about health, but generally, people do not follow the plans because of the unhealthy way of living and city score more in the serious drugs.

Moreover, San Francisco is beautiful than Los Angeles because it is cool and walking up a hill can give you pleasure, there are many parks, one can enjoy the nature and by walk and keep oneself healthy and smart. San Francisco has many neighbors and they enjoy the neighborhood by celebrating the various festivals. However, Los Angeles has the Rose Bowl procession or parade. Los Angeles is a bigger city, it has the hostile environment, it could be served as the central city for everyone, there is bigger center of the arts, to live their means you are living in a car.

Both of the countries and have their own ways of living, they are liberal in the business and political matters; however, there is a difference in the social and economic policies. San Francisco has the big budget in the United State; they are expanding as they have the better and latest technology, there are more festivals, the people are mature and charming and the woods and greenery across the San Francisco make the houses more beautiful. Both of cities have own traditions and values, there can no end of this big debate because both are the big cities and cannot be compared.

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