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Long Term Goals For Students Example

Essay on Long Term Goals For College Students With Example

Ten Year Goal

The pharmaceutical industry offers one of the most relevant and professionally rewarding careers in the contemporary society. As an individual, I have a long-term goal of ensuring that in ten years’ time, I have a degree in pharmaceutical. At the moment, am a student at Mesa College that is located in San Diego, California USA. Mesa is considered as one of the most successful and largest community colleges in California numbered one hundred and thirteen. The College is also the largest in San Diego community. The services and programs of the college are of superior quality when compared to other schools that compete with it in the market. The college is also known for meeting the educational needs of the learners as it uses a personal approach to dealing with the problems. Professional learning has enabled employees of the college to acquire skills and knowledge that help in making students successful in college by addressing all the learning challenges that they have (Friary, 19). Effective professional learning gives teachers the opportunity to improve the manner in which they give instructions to the students yearning to learn.

Mesa College has created several development opportunities for professionals relating to learning styles, diversity and a variety of teaching approaches that are vital for shaping the employees. It not only guarantees the employees professional growth but helps them to become professionals who are important to the people that they serve. Professional development is known to be very effective provided it takes place at work environments on a day to day basis (David et al, 301). The College produces some of the best pharmacists in California USA. Employee development at Mesa College is supportive of the mission of the college realized through the coordination of many learning opportunities. After the completion of studies at Mesa College, it is important to choose the best university offering degree in pharmaceutical. I look forward to studying at the University of San Francisco. It is regarded as the best in the field of pharmacy all over the USA. The outstanding performance has seen the school rewarded with the aim of making it perform even better. The rankings of the university’s pharmaceutical department put into consideration how frequent it published scientific materials and how well it funds research. The implementation of the mini interview that is multiple in nature replaced the traditional interviews conducted by panels. I can confidently confirm that I started preparing for studying pharmacy right in high school. I passed mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology which are important subjects in the study of pharmacy. I am ready to study for four years needed in professional degree for pharmacy. It would also be important to understand the catalog of University of California San Francisco.

Long Term Goals For Students Example

The grade points from Mesa College will propel me to study bachelor’s degree in pharmacy which is my area of study, and I love it. Also, I am almost completing the needed course; I have work experience that is related to the pharmacy as well as doing voluntary work in the field that I look forward to doing my studies. I know without the doubt that Mesa College will give me a recommendation letter that will introduce me to University of California San Francisco. I will also be ready for the Pharmacy College Admission Test if the university subjects me to the tests. These tests have multiple choices dealing with biology, verbal ability, reading comprehension, chemistry and qualitative ability (Friary,22). The other section of the test includes essay where students are supposed to write on a topic that they have been told about. The tests require four hours for them to be completed and they are only done in Canada and the USA. In the USA, the tests are done several times in a single year. The application for the program is done online, and there is the possibility of submitting the application form to different schools.

Before submitting the application forms so that they can be reviewed, I will ensure that I meet all the conditions put as eligibility requirements. The GPA must be 2.80 and nothing less because if it is less then studying will not be possible. The GPA calculation is according to PharmCas. The academic qualifications from Mesa College will have to be approved by curricular affairs together with the office of student affairs. This must be done by the first of September when I expect to begin my studies. The prerequisite course work must be verified accordingly without wasting time. As a student, it is my responsibility to verify the coursework to ascertain that it meets the needed conditions. Once I have been given an admission letter, I must secure an intern license for Pharmacy that is valid. This must be from California Board of Pharmacy and not any other place. It is also a necessity that students given provisional admission have to go through criminal background checks before they can be confirmed to have qualified for full admission.

Once all the conditions for admission have been looked at and met, it is important to know about the funds needed for the course and how the funds will be acquired. Ten years is a long period, and even if the funds are not available, they can be mobilized within a short time-frame so that when the study begins all goes well. On an annual basis, student financial comes up with a budget for aid recipients and financial aid. The budgets are necessary when it comes to determining the eligibility criteria for financial aid. The budget includes supplies, books, non-resident supplemental tuition, fees and living allowance. The regents of the university have got the right to alter the charges, fees and actual tuition fees as they are affected by them. No notice is given to students when the charges are changed. The fees and tuition for the course are $38154 while there is no charge for the cost of kits. The fee for a loan is $300, books and supplies costing $699; commuting is not charged anything. It is important to take note that the cost of living stands at $23742 The total cost of the study is $62895. These are the current rates, and it is expected that things will change in the next ten years because of inflation as well as direction is given by the college.

Different strategies will be employed to finance the educational project. I look forward to applying for university grant. The U.C president is known to offer grants to each and every campus of the university. The grants are given to students by the students’ financial aid office based on their financial needs with those from poor backgrounds getting more than others without putting into consideration their faculties. The UCSF grant will also be my target as it will be important in mitigating the impacts of fees that keep on increasing. The programs provide funds to students depending on their needs. Students who get departmental fellowship are not eligible for UCSF grants. This is also the case for those who get stipend awards. They are also not eligible for professional fee grant funds. The other option that will be available for me once I commence my studies is Cal Grant A or B which are administered by CSAC which in full stands for California Students Aid Commission. By March of the year when I want to study, I will have applied for the Cal Grant. The emergency will be another option that I will put into consideration. The loans will have to be repaid within a short period basically three months. The loans can be applied at the students’ affairs office in the university. It will also be possible to get loans for health professionals. Pharmacy and dental students can get five percent of the amount set aside for such loans (Stonier, 124). The repayment for the loans begins once the studies have been completed and the students have acquired their professional degrees. Loans for Disadvantaged students will together be important for me as a pharmacy student. To get the loans, I have to prove that I come from a disadvantaged background by presenting analyzed parental income records. There must also be proof that indeed if financial aid is offered to me, I may not be able to study. The loans are repayable once a student completes his or her education and helps needy students by meeting five percent of the cost of learning.

Apart from the loans, I will also look for scholarship to support my studies. Regent scholarships will help me. However, they are very limited. I am sure I will get this kind of scholarship because of my outstanding academic performance. That sort of scholarship is the best form of honor that can be conferred on a student who works very hard. The military also provides the scholarship to students studying medicine. The scholarship covers tuition, books, fees, monthly stipend, and supplies. It is required that medical students take forty-five days annually to offer their services which are paid for. For one to qualify for the scholarship, he or she must have been active in the medical profession for a period that is not less than a year. Serving as an intern for three years is an added advantage. Federal work studies are an important way of financing studies for students with financial problems (Bamfield, 71). They can get money for the services that they offer while studying. The students offer services to the communities and get an opportunity to perfect their areas of studies. The work studies will equally reduce my fee balances. Federal work studies can be applied for to meet full or basic costs. The federal laws specify that only those who give the necessary documents to prove that indeed they can work in the USA can be offered such opportunities.

A Degree in Pharmaceutical will not only help in prescribing drugs in a private business but will give me an opportunity to be an important individual in the pharmacy department within a hospital setting (Watson, 62). I can work in retail pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, managed care, industry, consultant pharmacy, nuclear pharmacy, academia and government agencies plus many more opportunities. Other areas where the pharmaceutical degree is needed include designing drug therapies through synthetic and natural ingredients. The knowledge is equally required in uncovering ways of treating emerging diseases after understanding how diseases affect the bodies of individuals (Stonier, 100). The body must respond to the kind of treatment that is offered to it. In such a case, there are experts needed to understand that and that is why we have pharmacists. Whenever there is a need to improve the processes of manufacturing drugs, pharmaceutical knowledge is a necessity (Watson, 23). Pharmacists help in reducing the amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Prescriptions have to be of quality, and this is an important work of pharmacists. Besides, the knowledge of my area of study is crucial when it comes to advising government agencies or corporations on matters pertaining pharmaceutical development.

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