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Lifelong Learning Essay Example

Life Long Learning

Introduction To ECE Design

Identify Four Motivations For Life Long Learning

The recent survey is done on the life-long learning. The four motivations according to a survey are career growth are the current company, satisfying curiosity, career growth beyond the workplace and licensure requirements. All the four motivations for the career growth are important in the people life. However, the person can able to understand the functions of the current company and outside the workplace because proper knowledge and training are given. Through the licensure requirements when to fulfill person become able to perform the effective activities in the society, the permit is given and the satisfaction of the person become assure, moreover, satisfaction is the most important thing in any field.

Examples Of Life Long Learning Activities

Life-long learning activities can gain from doing the national studies the one extreme could be the graduate school, and opposite extreme could be IEEE spectrum. The low-impact method includes stay in IEEE and read the magazines, attend seminar etc. The graduate school in engineering can also provide the relevant education if one want to get the life-long learning then need to be stay updated, there are other alternatives also, including engineering sales law school, MBA etc.

Lifelong Learning Essay Example

Why Does Life Long Learning Path Interest You?

I have picked up the MBA program because it is very popular and I am interested in doing business, I am interested in the management, there are so many opportunities for a person who did MBA; MBA graduate can easily find a job, there are so many jobs related to this title. However, I am interested in doing my own business also, so the advantages could be there in life, this is why I have chosen MBA program.

Whom Can You Talk To In Order To Get More Information About It?

In order to get the information about the MBA program, I will definitely go to the management and the senior management, I will take pieces of advice from the friends and family. However, the people in business or the people who have already done MBA program can guide me better that should I go for it or not, one can get the skills, relevant to the field. MBA program, give knowledge about the market, one can identify that what business can be chosen and how the business can be effectively run.

What Do You Need To Do Over The Next 2 Semesters To Prepare Yourself For It?

In next two semesters I am going to preparing myself, s that I can get the MBA education in the future, I will read the news articles and the profiles of the company so that I should know that how the companies the successful in the market. I will learn about the different principles that are relevant to the course, example, and major principles of Human resource, Marketing, Financial Management and Supply Chain. Through reading the various courses associated with the MBA program, I can choose my career path effectively.

If I Go Down That Path, What Life Long Learning Is Needed?

To go for the subject or course MBA there is the need to understand the business functions efficiently, that how the company performs, and they are satisfying the customer, there is a need to manage the inventory and employees, the financial functions should be managed properly for the effectiveness. However, life-long learning includes the basics concepts about the MBA programs, which one need to understand for the career growth.

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