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Levi Strauss & CO Customer Review

Levi Strauss & CO has been inventing its jeans and other wearing items since 1873. It has inspired the world from itLevi Strauss & CO Customer Review intelligent inventions, loyal customers of Levi Strauss always appreciate their jeans and cannot wear jeans from any other brand, as they feel comfortable in them (Levistrauss, 2016). The brand is dominant from ages; however, competitors take place in market after 1980’s, which influence the customers mind so to buy jeans from other brands.

The competitors were also selling good jeans, the customers used to shift towards other brands, as they were also offering good services at reasonable prices, Levi Strauss then need to strengthen the company again, and no matter they did. Moreover, as Levi Strauss is a well-recognized brand, they have to take effective and efficient steps if they want to survive in the market, and if they want large share from market (Levistrauss, 2016).

I am a loyal customer of Levi Strauss; I want to suggest them they should value the customer satisfaction and customer need, the need and demands change with the time,  they need to focus on the need of time, that what people prefer to wear. By taking review from the people and by market survey they could know about the current demand and then they can design the jeans accordingly. Customer satisfaction is depends upon how they perceive product performance, in this case feedback is important. They need to focus on their potential customers; they need to manage the demand if they want to see their customers happy. They need to evaluate themselves and the competitor’s that where they are taking advantages, and where Levi Strauss, is lacking, for building the profit, customer relationship is important. They need more to focus on their target market, and then they should more focus about their marketing techniques and strategies.

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