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Leadership Personality Tests and Assessment

Leadership Personality Assessment


  • Take at least one emotional intelligence test, one leadership assessment, and one decision making assessment from the links included in this assignment.

Emotional intelligence test: Emotional intelligence is the method which defines the mental condition of mind related to different emotions. How our mind reacts in different scenarios can be determine through such types of tests known as emotional intelligence test. According to face expression, body language, pointing figures in loneliness and in group can be measured too some extend.

Here we discuss an example, in picture four ladies are sitting on a bench. One lady is seeing other sight and having smile on her face. We don’t know the real thing what that lady can think but with the help of face expressions we can judge that lady is in happy mood. In Rest of three girls, two talking with each other and third one in silent mood. By seeing picture we can consider that third girl is ignore by other two as they don’t want to share their gossips with her and that girl feel ignorance and sadness with their behavior. We consider all these things by watching a picture, so this is an emotional intelligence test according to our mind accessibility.

Leadership assessment: leadership is good quality in personality. Leader is a person who leads other peoples in a proper way. Leader provides goals and objectives to other so they have to work on them and try to achieve these goals and objectives. It creates vision and set directions in any organization. Leadership is a dominating personality trait.

Here we are going to discuss an example for leadership; in an organization, all people work under a single leader, he has all authority , he take the ideas of other people in the group,his behavior with others are polite and nice, he understand all the problems faced by all people, he properly guide and give directions to accomplish any task, in a group  he help them every person together, it would be an idea generator in any group, So leader leads the people to achieve their goals and targets by following different strategies and ideas.

Decision –Making Assessment: Decision making skill is very important at every step in business. As a leader or manager you have to take right decision about any task or appointing or utilization of any commodity. In case of hiring staff, select good suppliers, make better investment decision, select good strategies for business is very much important.

Here we discuss an example of manager who has responsibility of taking all decisions in an organization. He set goals and objectives and targets for organization, then set strategies for achieving that target, select methodology used in organization, also measure all the risk factors and make a convenient and suitable structure for fulfill their required objectives.

  • Discuss the assessment you choose. Discuss the outcomes of the assessments by specially addressing how they reflect, define and assess personality and how personality, emotional intelligence and decision making impact organizational contributions and leadership.

In emotional intelligence test, we simple describe the feelings of different people by seeing their picture, which means we judge through physical appearance and face expressions. Our answer shows how much positive our thinking is and how much we focus on feelings of others. This thing also important while working in an organization because in most of cases suppliers or client may not willing to fulfill our requirements but they didn’t say this in words ,so we can judge this thing through their expressions and physical points which clearly show their problematic issue. Emotional intelligence is your physical judgment through others which helps you to take any decision.

In leadership assessment, we see that a leader is a role model for all the people, they want to run on his given track, they follow his instructions and only his authority holds everywhere. This thing is good to some extend because in organizations, for achieving required targets and goals on specified time it is important to guide people and give them proper instructions. But with the passage of time, this trend is going to change. People follow someone but with this they also want to take decision according to their skills and knowledge. They want some authority to do any required task which shows good results on their working ability.

In decision making assessment, we talk about an executive level manager who is responsible to take the decision at every step. In organizations, normally all the executive level decisions, targets, goals are set by high level management. Employees have to follow the rules and regulations and work according to given path provided by senior management. Proper investment involves in businesses, a major level of production or supplies happened in organizations, so accurate and right decision on exact time is important. Right decision on right time may lead you to success or vise versa. Therefore it’s a responsibility of managers to take decision according to situation and also provide some authority to junior level according to need and which may no effect the major decisions of organization.

  • How does assessment inform the following questions: how do emotional intelligence, leadership and decision making contribute to the effectiveness of one’s role in an organization? What common biases might impact decision making? How can one become a more effective leader and decision maker?

If a person is an executive post in organization then he has to follow this entire thing while performing his duty. It means by keeping emotional intelligence in his mind, he has to become a leader and a good decision maker for organization and for employees who work under that person. As a leader he set all goals and targets, provide a proper path to employees to work according to that path, tell them benefits and how much it helps to achieve our targets, teach them how to work, resolve their all problems relating to specific tasks, with this also as a decision maker take better decision for hiring staff  or employees according to their skills and abilities. Business is successful only because of right decision and proper hardworking from all employees. Seniors must guide their all employees, focus on their problems, issues should be sort out, because for achieving any target you have to need a good team, good team is made only if all employees having same loyalty with work and they work with interest and support and help each other as a group. Therefore, the qualities of good leadership and decision maker mostly present in many people but the main thing is to utilize these skills according to managing time and requirement. In simple, if any person want to make better leader and better decision maker, then he has to understand the mentality of their group members, behave with them politely, friendly behave so they can share their problems with hesitation, work hard as much required for fulfilling the targets and also provide then benefits according to their work and should motivate them at every step, So they work with sincerely and loyalty and with great interest in any organization and don’t want to quit with such nice and cooperative leader or decision maker or managers.

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