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Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning

Products of Landscape Architecture:

There is a discussion about the products of Landscape Architects. For the Landscape architectsLandscape Architecture and Urban Planning there is the focus on the variety of projects, as a part of urban design the architects are focusing on the better designs, so that there could be the effect in the city, thus, landscape architecture urban design is planning. Therefore, there could be advantages for the people, there are the power stations that are benefiting the land and other management related to the reservoirs, dam etc. The architects and landscape architects are working to make the city or the country better places; there is a discussion with the planners so that there could be effective places and open space in the city. The tall towers set in large plazas, so that the attention of the people could be grasped and the landscape architecture as urban can provide better designs in the cities. The urban development is focused on the larger scale and the citywide scale so that better models can be made for the people. The larger design focusing on the pedestrian malls, walkways, and the other experiential trails, so that there could be the public realm and other get the benefits of eating food and there could be the better parking for the cars.

Role of Architecture in The City:

There is a discussion of the role of architecture in the city; however, the people are making the profit in this way by making the effective design. People focus on the architectural designs for the investment purpose and in order, to enable certain activities that can provide them with benefits. As, there could be the different purposes of the architecture, includes the working, recreating. Thus, the architect’s talent can promote and urban planning and the city could become beautiful, furthermore, there are the stand-alone objects in the urban planning, as the fashion in architecture can be focused. Architecture, makeable the general public’s so that there could be the advancement in the cities, however, there could be the conflict between build and the see or viewing of the people because architectures can design in another way and people could view it in another way.

The urban planning is becoming aesthetically pleasing, in this way because the people of cities want to see different and new things, they do not want the boring buildings that focus on the monotonous designs. The people could be benefited in the city if the design is effectively made to favor them. The landmark buildings focus or need the attention, so the architecture is planning the designs in the right way, there is need to balance between the people thinking and the country designs, however, the building for urbanization can be planned in the right way. Buildings can encourage the people so that they could feel happy about the country they are living in, the people can be way finding if the architecture supports the designs for them, they can be helping to give understanding to the country people about the surroundings. There is the understanding of the natural flow of pedestrian, as the way of traffic could also be known in the city.

The country is a focus for the new designs of street, parks, roads, water development, there is the encouragement of history; there are the sculptures, fountains in the city. However, the artwork is given the importance so that it could able to make the people to incorporate with the heritage and can provide them the understanding of the culture and norms. In the chapter, the discussion about the trail, Washington, D.C provides the insight of the architects as they focus on the African-American Heritage, and the active arts and music scene.

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