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Joan Miro Paintings Analysis

Some Famous Joan Miró Paintings Analysis

Dona, I Ocell Analysis

Dona, I Ocell is the sculpture that is also known as the “Woman and Bird” however, it is the 22-Joan Miro Paintings Analysismeter; high sculpture that was created by the Joan Miró and it was one of the famous sculpture in the town. Moreover, the sculpture was placed in Spain; Parc Joan Miró in Barcelona, Catalonia. It is made by Joan and he also takes help of the artist’s collaborator known as the Joan Gardy Artigas. As concerned with the artwork trilogy the sculpture was designed by the Joan so that there could be the great welcome for the visitors to Barcelona.

It was the large sculptures that were made by Joan with the help of friend and collaborator so that Barcelona’s tourists can be attracted. Consequently, it is analyzed that this sculpture was made by Joan because tourist can feel attracted towards the city, as analyzed in the concepts in the class that paintings or art should be created in the way so that people could be attracted. In this way, it is analyzed that sculpture was made so that there could be an attraction for the people.

Thus, in the sculpture, the “bird” (ocell) was referred to the slang for penis and there was a vulva-shaped split. However, in order attract the people; there are blackish tiles and the “model penis and a hole” is given in the glans. It was the expansive models that were made by Joan with the assistance of companion and teammate so Barcelona’s travelers can be pulled in. It is dissected that this model was made by Joan on the grounds that visitor can feel pulled in towards the city.

As worried about the work of art set of three the model was outlined by the Joan so that there couldJoan Miro Paintings Analysis be the immense welcome for the guests to Barcelona. It is a kind of a roman sculpture so that people could be attracted with the beauty (Friedland, Sobocinski, & Gazda, 2015). The sculpture was there in the park with the green area; which is known as the area to relax so that people could enjoy the sculpture with the beauty of nature.

However, the sculpture is bounded by the flowers or the pine and palm trees. Along these lines, it is dissected that model was made so that there could be a fascination for the general population. From the analysis of the Joan Miró sculpture, it is analyzed that the sculpture was made according to the painting and art concepts so that there could be concerns with the beauty of nature, and so that people could be attracted.

Moreover, the concepts of arts that were learned in the class related to the 3D space. The model was there in the recreation center with the green zone; which is known as the territory to unwind so individuals could appreciate the figure with the excellence of nature (Friedland, Sobocinski, & Gazda, 2015).

Pájaro lunar (Moon Bird), 1966 Analysis

Joan Miró in the year 1940s made the sculpture that was focused on the basic standpoint of theJoan Miro Paintings Analysis artist period in the Paris; as the Pájaro lunar, a moon bird was made by the Joan Miró. The sculpture was made when the artist was first attracted from the discipline in the middle; it was the surrealist period in Paris when the artist gets the inspiration in the cosmic world and made the bird because he was attracted from the nature-based organic forms. The mind-set board was made, to portray the barrenness of the earthly and divine universes.

In the normal and vast world, the half and half manifestations were concerned and the relationship was portrayed. It is realized that surrealist figure of the moon-winged creature pulled in the general population, as there was an attention on the Catalan painter. The painting was created after the Second World War Pájaro lunar’ in order to describe the value of freedom and peace; and the estimation of opportunity. The astronomical world and made the feathered creature since he was pulled in from the nature-based natural structures. The feathered creature was made in the request to portray the opportunity and so as to depict the magnificence of nature.

The bird was created in the order to describe the freedom and in order to describe the beauty of nature. It is known that surrealist sculpture of the moon-bird attracted the people, as there was a focus on the Catalan painter. The moon bird was created in the black color so that people could be attracted and feel worth or importance in the world of birds. The mood board was created, in order to describe the impotence of the terrestrial and celestial worlds.

In the natural and cosmic world, the hybrid creations were concerned and the relationship was described. The moon bird creature was made operating at a profit shading with the goal that individuals could be pulled in and feel worth or significance in the realm of bird creatures. Through the analysis of the Pájaro lunar; it is analyzed that artist create the sculpture; as he wants to give the real concept from the real world, that how much freedom is important for the people and people could grow an economy or country could grow if there are freedom and peace (Miró, 2018).

Fundació Joan Miró Analysis

Fundació Joan Miró was model that made with the goal that individuals or country could be pulledJoan Miro Paintings Analysis in thus that youthful craftsman. Fundació Joan Miró was the sculpture created by the Joan Miró; it was the foundation created with the new building and the sculpture was made near the building with courtyards so that visitors can be attracted with the beauty of the sculpture.

He created this contemporary art in order to attract the younger artists. Concerned with the Fundació Joan Miró; it is analyzed that Miró created the sculpture so that people or nation could be attracted and so that young artist could learn the value of other nation and freedom.

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