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IT Operations in a Technology Management Company

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My career path is to become an IT Manager in Technology Management Company by studying information technology management, subjects with dedication. I have chosen this field as my career path because I know that computers are an integral part of everyday life, IT can change our lives and for growth, it is important for any business. I have realized the importance of the fastest growing field, business is upgrading their technology by hiring the right people on the job, I also want to be a part of Technology Management Company so that I can build the competitive edge and I can achieve my desired goals. However, I have clearly defined my career objectives and planned to learn all necessary skills.

The chosen career article “Education and training for the successful career in Big Data and Business Analytics”, the purpose of the article was to identify the Big Data and Business Analytics (BDBA) skills, that how much these skills can be effective for the future goals. I have learned that BDBA skills are important to learn as they can shape a successful career. It is important to train young people for the well-being of societies (Dubey & Gunasekaran, 2015).

IT Operations in a Technology Management Company

The other article I have learned about the importance of information technology management is the “How leading organizations use big data and analytics to innovate”. This article is about innovation that hoe big data and business analytics can play role in innovation, researchers have collected the data from the 341 respondents and have found that it is a structured approach and benefits can be there if the leaders or managers have the insights. The skills are required for the data quality and accessibility; business analytics can be an innovative process and it can help the businesses to grow, through creating the new business models, there could be the betterment in goods and services (Marshall, Mueck, & Shockley, 2015).

For a Manager IT Operation, it is important to get analytical planning style and relevant business skills, so that better performance and positive results can be achieved, through assessment of the related articles I come to know about the strategic planning process that can be important for my career. I want to learn IT skills so that I can perform better in Technology Management Company. I want to learn how to develop a talented team, how strong technology strategies can be developed and how a company could lead to the crisis. 

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