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Investors Pay $150 Million for Miami Property

Treasury Await Rate Guidance


In the article, the commercial real estate, ABS partner real estate, Acre valley real estate, the Datran center, Reis Inc. firms are discussed. All the firms are inter-related to each other, the firms are taking the decisions about the rent and other related the local and commercial business are discussed in the article. The effects of the business are also discussed as the cap rates are below 5% and 6% as mentioned by the Mr. Schenker, the falling of the cap rates are increasing the prices.

The action and decisions taken by the Fed are discussed in the article. The Central banks, CME group, Federal open market committee; Federal Funds are discussed as a firm in the article, the government bond prices and the action of federal reserves has been mentioned, the authorities of the Fed are also discussed that what Fed can do as a financial firm in the industry, as it has to take all the decisions.

Investors Pay $150 Million for Miami Property

Firm’s Example

The firm’s example ABS real estate, Reis Inc etc. are the firms from “Real Estate” industry, these all the firms are there in real estate industry as after reading the article; there is the discussion about managing the residuals, rent, commercial and industrial property, real estate related services etc. As the firms in this industry deal with the property so all, the firms are in real estate industry. There are issues on the property, the concerns of real states or relationships between the units are being discussed.

In the article, the discussion is about the Fed reserves and Central bank, which is in the “Banking and Finance” industry, however, CME group is also participating with the firms by giving the suggestion; the CME group is from “Security & commodity exchanges” industry. The discussion is about the bond prices and TD securities; an economy of the country is being focused by the Stanley Fisher, who is the Federal Reserve vice chairman, which is the banking and finance industry.


According to the article; the article discuss the property and the issues that people and real estate’s are facing in the industry, the rents, and other prices are increasing. The Datran center is still occupied with the local business; there are the two office towers, which have the high rents. In Miami, this location and offices are giving benefits to the people and the businesses.

In the article, the prices of bonds in regards to the economy and federal decisions have been discussed; the Fed keep changing the bond prices and the investors have to digest that. However, the Federal Reserve vice chairman, Mr. Fisher said that prices of bonds and other financial issues depend on the economy, of the country. According to the CME, the there are chances that Fed will raise the rates next month.

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