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Introduction to Engineering Ethics Example Report

Introduction To Engineering Ethics

Codes of ethics concern honesty, when we talk about truthfulness responsibly, engineers must be truthful and objective and they must not be involved or engage in deception. All the engineering codes have the set forth statement of this responsibility. The NSPE code of ethics that are violating the codes of ethics are, an engineer should be expert and associated with the medium size consulting firm and need to distribute the firm’s brochure, so the firm should consider her as an employee. The top candidate to be selected after an extensive screening process and there are negotiation deadlines and based on a firm commitment the engineer has to start on the date. However, he decided on April 23, that he do not want to take the position. Another case, of the engineer who tells the client that drum contains the questionable material and the removal, is recommended by him.

The three of the above cases illustrate the responsibility of truthfulness in engineers that they shouldn’t lie, otherwise the problems could be there. There are rules of forbidding lying, as the others could be misleading from it. To deceive a person can undermine their autonomy, an engineer has the moral duties, duty ethics, and truthfulness in regards with the person’s autonomy.

Introduction to Engineering Ethics Example Report

Honesty contributes towards the internal goods and good social practices, dishonesty can cause failure, financial losses, injuries, and death. Untruthfulness violates the trust because deception could be caused by the violation of the trust. Dishonesty is the bad engineering.

From the examples and cases, which are given in the book, we come to know that engineers should follow the code of conduct, which is based on the truthfulness responsibility; it is their responsibility to take care of the people and say the truth. They have the responsibility of the customer’s safety; they have to provide the useful products. If they do not follow the ethical or truthfulness code of conduct, there could be problems faced by the people or country.

If engineers do not say the trust, the public trust will be lost and as dishonesty is the bad engineering; so many problems could take place if someone lies. However, the engineering practices need to be fair so the nation or clients can trust the engineers; there one word can decide the future. Public welfare is their concern so they should report in a truthful manner, misuse of engineering can result in deceiving the public, and all the professional engineers need to admit their responsibility so the problems should not be there.

I personally believe that every engineer should say the truth as truthfulness is their responsibility, they can decide the good and bad consequence, which can occur in the society. People of the country will not trust the deceivers, to get the respect from the people virtue ethics need to be known.  Honesty can contributes towards the desirable outcomes through doing wrong, dishonesty there will be deception from all the perspective of safety, health and nature the engineers need to be potential and need to make sure that things are in public, or people favor as they have the technical understanding. If they have any doubt in anything or they think that things are not suitable then they should also report without any hesitance, because truthfulness is their responsibility.

In the book, honesty is a concerned with engineers as engineer begin with honesty in studying, so he/she become an engineer. Academic or engineer dishonesty can never make a better engineer as the engineer have the responsibility of the people he needs to learn everything without cheating. As an academic integrity, cheating is the intentional violation of the rules, it could be done in any academic exercise, example it is the using crib notes or if someone’s coping from another student.

A Victimless Crime is a crime in which one get hurts; it is wrong and unfair practice, cheating means the meaning of achievement in which there is fear of being caught. Academic dishonesty is the serious offense, as it violates the serious procedures and decisive instructor so that the advantages could be gained. Cheating violates the trust and the trust of the professor. Many of the researchers have stated that, sometimes professors are also involves in the cheating. There is the need to minimize the opportunities for cheating so the engineers could learn as gaining knowledge is very important fro them.

Robert should not do cheating, even if he is on probation and have the low grades, if he really wants to become an engineer, then he should work hard to gain the relevant knowledge and studies, cheating is unethical way. From the examples given in the book, it is illustrated that an engineer can never be successful if he does cheating. If he is desperate still he does not do that as his future is based on what he is learning from his academy, cheating is an unfair practice.

Given article is about the cheating, in my opinion, organizations need to keep the check on a student, if we talk about the field engineering, then more concentration is needed, as the engineers are going to play important roles in future. The safety of people is the there concern so they needed to have the relevant courses knowledge. Cheating means the dishonesty if an engineer have the habit of dishonesty, and then he/she can never be trustful to his people or clients.

Cheating is wrong and unfair practices, to be a good engineer cheating should not be done. As, from the researchers point that cheating is also promoted by the teachers; teacher sometime to get good remarks form the authority, parent or student promote unfair practices, so the good grades of their class give them appreciation. In some cases, students help each other, because they are friends. These cheating practices are part of organizations or institutes these days, it is need to think that engineers can never be successful and country or people has to face loses if they do not have adequate knowledge.

The firm or academy in which there are unfair or cheating practices promoted need to take step, the government needs to check all the engineering institutions so the teachers or students should not do such practices. Academic integrity and ethics need to be undertaken for the future of the world, if the organization or academies keep on promoting the unfair practices there can never be peace, through cheating other students get the right of students who work hard day and night for the good grades. Intuitions need to recognize the value of practices and through enforcing disciplinary procedures the cheating and other unethical practices can be eliminated.

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