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Inferior IT Killed Target Corporation Canada

Inferior IT Killed Target Canada


Target is the oldest and the largest the successful retailer of America. It is the 114 years old retailer company that has more than 1800 retailers in different locations of the world. But actually the fact is that it has not a single retailer company in Canada which is considered to be the most important and essential issue for Canadians. The actual problem is that the scientific and the use of technology that is needed to implement this retailer strategy in Canada Is not enough in their resources. The set up requires a large source of information system with the highest efficiency and speed as well.

After a deep analysis of Canadian business by the analysts of America in 20 they have decided to lengthen their target retailers in Canada as well. There came too many difficulties the first one was the change of percentage of currency among both the countries. The Canadian dollar is 75 % only have worth in relation with the U.S dollar. The difference of language in both the states and countries is also a barrier considered among these countries because language difference makes difficulties for workers and among the supervisors in terms of maintaining the startup of their retailers business from U.S to in Canada.

Inferior IT Killed Target Corporation Canada

Company Profile

Target Corporation is the second most successful and renowned retailer discount store in the United States after Wal-Mart. This company was founded in June 1902 by George Dayton. It was first known by the name Good fellow Dry Goods but later it was renamed by Dayton’s Dry goods in 1903 and once again the name was changed which became only the Dayton’s company in 1910. The first Target store was inaugurated in the Roseville in 1962. Another company was get involved and you can say merged in it named as .L Hudson’s Company in 1969. The company was named as target finally in 2000. The company had a chain of stores and retailers houses after that it renamed as Target. It has a lot of target customers to which it is providing a lot of comfortable, easy, trustworthy and reliable services and products with highest efficiency and the best quality in terms of every service as well. It offers it cards to the customers with which they can easily and with comfortable way manage their cash transaction in term of enjoying retailer services of the Target Corporation.

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