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Improvements in Urban Infrastructure

Restore and Improve Urban Infrastructure


Infrastructure could be defined as a combination of the fundamental system thatImprovements in Urban Infrastructure gives the support to the cities, community, region, country etc. However, it includes everything including water, rail, road, sewer system. Current American infrastructure is aging and failing, there is need to repair and replace it, engineers are facing the challenges, regarding the modernizing the fundamental structure, there is the population stress (exceeding 10 million), natural disasters, terrorist attacks threaten of infrastructure and security.


For the sustainable urban environment there is need of a good design, there is need to improve transportation and the resources of energy and water. There is need to give the proper attention to environment and other energy use consideration. There is need to focus on the telecommunication services, cell phones, cables etc. there is need to upgrade the infrastructure, development of the solar energy resources. There is need to focus on the metallic structure so that electromagnetic waves, inside the soil can make bicycle easier to see at night.

Improvements in Urban Infrastructure

Overall Sustainability Ranking


Improve transportation system

There can be many methods, which can use for the better infrastructure, firstly, there is need to make better connection between motorways, railways and waterways. However, in this way, new roads can be made or the expansion of the rush hour lanes can be done. To promote the traffic circulation, there is need to open or expand the lanes, so that the traffic could circulate more easily.

More bicycle racks, need to create in the cities so that electric bicycles or scooters can pass easily

There is need to clear the road more quickly, the traffic police need to be efficient in this way so in the case of incident management better working can be there.

Better park and ride conditions, the government regulation need to make efforts for the better parking condition and in this way; travelers can get the more options. Real time travel information can also be useful for the passengers, if the passengers and traffic is guide in the effective way then there will be less traffic jam.

Better, build infrastructure

For the better infrastructures there is need to focus more on the bridges, so that traffic cannot struck, and there could be multiple ways for going. There is need of the digital security. There is need of the aesthetical value, so that work can be done speedily and in the lower cost (Leonard, 2010).


The researchers are done so that the urban infrastructure can be focused, there are the needs to manage the resources for the improvements, and there is the noise pollution and unsatisfactory conditions of the cities. Through the findings, it is known that most of the people of cities are living in bad conditions because they do have the green area. However, from the article research, there is need to focus on the green infrastructure so that climate can be better for the future residence (Too, 2012).

In another article, the data is collected aiming there could be benefits and opportunities in the infrastructure, there is need to have the foresight tools, for the urban development. The techniques are discussed for the sustainable development (Güell & Redondo, 2012).


From the analysis of the articles, it is known that people are not living in the better conditions, they have to face problems, regarding the traffic and sanitary issues, the rent of the houses nearby greenery are so expensive, people cannot afford the housing. There is need to more focus on the green infrastructure.

There is pollution in the city, to reduce the pollution effective steps like sensible choice of vehicle. The country can also do efforts in reducing the prices of hybrid cars, in this way, there can be climate change.


For the future, there is need to focus more on the resources, so that the better conditions can be make for the future generations. However, green infrastructure and more bridges can result in better conditions. There are needs of the foresight that what can happen in the future, is effective policies are not there. For the betterment policy makers can participate in the better way, they can make the effective policies, and engineers can help in the process as regarding introducing the technologies and predicting the assets.

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