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Improve Writing Skills by Doing These 7 Things

Writing essays doesn’t come that easy. However, practice makes a man perfect. Even the word impossible says I am possible. Are you wondering what to do? Where to start? How to go about it? These seven tips will take you places, provided you religiously follow the advised formula.

Do the Basics first

So, I want to know how to improve my writing skills? First things first. Make sure you know at least the intermediate level of the basics of writing. The core principles of writing need to be polished and relearned, if not strong already. There is no such thing as half-cooked food. You need to lay down some concrete foundation to write like a pro.

Before you become able to write incredible pieces, you’ll need a prior understanding of the basic principles of writing. Don’t worry; it doesn’t mean you need to get a university foundation course for it. The basic grammar, punctuations, sentence structuring and other core legs can be tricky.

To improve your writing skills, one must refer to “the elements of style”. This book will liberate you from grammar mistakes. This resource is comprehensive when it comes to learning basic writing skills.

Once you are well aware of the correct use of grammar, the latter part becomes easy. Now you are only left with expressing your thoughts in suitable words. Furthermore, learning suitable vocabulary, words and phrases, synonyms, and usage of verbs and adjectives also enhances your skills. Hence, it depends entirely upon you how you manage to grip on the very core principles of writing.

What Makes Professional Writers Stand out?

Experience is probably the only thing you can’t buy while shopping. But perhaps, the only option is to imitate and learn how the professionals carry out their writing Job. Reading alone won’t help. However, a deep analysis of your admired writer’s pieces will certainly make you gain some invaluable experience. Assess the blogs you often read. Figure out how your favorite writer keeps you hooked with their write-up. What metaphors does the writer use? Identify why you enjoy reading it over and over. Try to imitate the same style of writing. Remember, Imitation doesn’t mean plagiarizing someone else’s content. You need to follow in their footsteps to polish what you have already.

Besides, you can also ask a professional writing service to share an essay sample with you. Or, you can even find pre-written essays on various writing websites. These essays help a lot of students enhance their writing skills. Readout samples from qualified writers and help yourself.

Use a Simple Language

Writing is not a bed of roses. It will leave you mentally drained if you think you will pull out a masterpiece overnight. It is something you will achieve after a long battle of hard work. So, wondering where to start from? Start with a simple sentence structure. Use low profile vocabulary to start with. And pick topics from intermediate level essay writing.

Your goals to improve writing skills must be well established and pragmatic. Remember, there is always a methodology involved in everything; things always evolve slowly, and so do the writing skills. Therefore, enjoy this process. Start with writing simple yet effective language. Once you achieve the required fluency, writing incredible content becomes just a matter of time.

Find a Writing Partner

Writers need to get honest feedback and someone to encourage them. Having a writing partner will help you stay motivated and write better. You both can share your writings and give feedback.

So, ask your friends if they would like to be your writing partner. Or, you may also join writing groups on social media and interact with other writers. The writing community on social media is awesome. They read your work, give feedback and uplift you as a writer.

Plus, you can also plan to take a writing class. Doing so will help you meet people with similar goals. It will also allow you to become a writing partner of someone whose work you enjoy and admire. And, they can surely prove to be a great partner.

Replace Adverbs with Strong Verbs

Bad adverbs alter weak adjectives and verbs. Using bad adverbs will only make your sentence longer. Using a strong verb or adjective will make your sentence precise and sound better. For instance:

  • The cat was running swiftly after the mouse;
  • They were chasing the mouse.

Sloppy sentences and phrases make your writing sound boring. Readers are looking to read crispy and precise sentences that intrigue them. So, remember, always use strong vocabulary and action words that make the reader enjoy.

Read, Read and Read

They say read before you write. It is so true; reading makes you imaginative. It gives you that all-important confidence required to become a professional writer. Read whatever comes your way. Be it any topic, research material, dissertation thesis, magazine, blog post, reviews, anything you admire.

Remember, good writers are always keen readers. A good writer will always read passionately and absorb the essay style, sentence structure, words and phrases. Reading helps you assess how to keep the flow of the essay. It also helps develop the all necessary eye for what professional writing looks like. Thereby, improve writing skills by just increasing your reading time. Often take out time to even read material that doesn’t interest you. Widen your horizons; read beyond the canvas. Believe it or not, you will be pleased with yourself the next time you write a draft.

Edit Your Work Ruthlessly

Be your best critique. Put on the critical glassware when editing your essay. Make sure to give yourself a tough time. One word, be ruthless when it comes to finalizing what you have written. It will not only improve your writing piece but will also enhance your editing and writing skills. You will be able to refine your write-up and take it to another level.

Remember, the first draft is often crappy and needs revision. Revise and revise until it gets the required flow. The writer knows the exact flaws in its piece and how to make it flawless after editing. Many students search online on how to improve English writing skills. If you’re one of them, know that good reading and careful editing are the prerequisites.

All in all, it is easy to improve your penmanship if you are focused and determined. Since it is a learned skill, you can achieve great writing skills by following the earlier tips. But remember, the key is to be consistent.

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