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Importance of Planting Trees

Informative Speech On Eulogy For The Tree

Specific Purpose

To inform the audience about specific facts that how much trees deserve to be praised and important for the environment and society


The environment is getting polluted due to various reasons, so it is the tree that is individually dealing with environmental pollution.

Importance of Planting Trees


The other day, my sister let me know that the crew was cutting down the trees in the house where my I grew up with my siblings and parents. I changed all of my plans without any hesitation so I could be there for the last moments of this glorious and grand tree that I grew up with. I felt really sad that the climate around the world is already not stable due to the environmental pollution, and more rains and storms are coming. Why crew don’t understand that trees are a great source to mitigate pollution and balance the overall environment. That grand and glorious trees have been fighting with the climate changes by absorbing carbon dioxide, which is being released in the air from different sources so that I along with my family could breathe in the fresh air. Trees release oxygen in the air for me and my family, which cleans the environment and fight the environmental pollution around us.


In my speech, I will focus to describe how that glorious and grand tree benefited me and my family and why is it so important to live around the trees:

  • The tree caused the pleasant environment of my house:

The pollution releases in our environment through factories, industrial sector, the burning of fossil fuels and the use of vehicles etc. These factors of pollution stressed the needs of more trees, so my grandfather planted that tree for his generation as he knew that global society is being impacted by the climate changes happening due to air pollution and he wanted his generation to remain safe from such pollution.

  • Benefits caused by that tree:

The tree helped us to save water. When rains come, the trees soaks up water and keep it safe in the surrounding soils. Moreover, less water evaporated in the air due to the trees. Tree absorbed the harmful chemicals around my home like CO2 as it absorbed CO2 from the air, and released oxygen for me and my family. As my home was located in one of the urban areas, tree contributed to reducing the layer of Ozone and it also helped to maintain a balanced environment in surrounding of my home, and in the summer days, the tree can be helped to keep the temperatures down with cool and fresh air. The health of my family was improved as the tree kept the environment healthy and beneficial for us.

  • How my family participated in tree planting:

There are various ways by which my family participated in tree planting. We looked around in the society to find any organizations, which is working for this cause. And the people of my area get together to form the event and collectively worked to plant trees. There were some international campaigns for tree planting; I along with my family voluntarily and worked with those organizations.


After looking at all the benefits of the tree, it can be concluded that planting trees is beneficial for the society and environment in so many different ways. The pollution is causing various health issues and climate changes are increasing with the passage of time. So, it is important for global society to understand the need for planting more trees on priority basis so that air pollution is battled with a clean environment. The trees are big sources of keeping the environment clean, so everyone one should understand this fact, and play their part by planting more trees.

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