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Importance of Human Rights

Significance of Human Rights

  1. Introduction

“It was never the people the fundamental who complained of the right that human university of human rights has by the fact of her, did the people corrider leing human, and human rights as a western that are neither or northern imposition. It created and not was often their readers can be abrogated by who did so”.


The higher aspiration of common man is to lead a life where he can enjoy freedom of speech freedom of belief and have no fear of suppression. The term is used to defend human freedom us well as destroy it. People tend to attach importance to particular human rights issue according to ideology and political convince. Human rights should be established or built into the society as a natural role.

Human rights are almost of religion in today world. They are the treater ethical xad stick that is well to research a government treatment of its people. Human right is a product of philosophical debate.

  1. Motivation of Human Rights

Some understanding about the nature of human rights can be obtained from the  various reasons that can be advanced for holding them. The attraction of human rights is that they are often thought to exist beyond the determination of specific society. The believe that everyone by virtue of her of his humanity, is antitled to certain condition of human rights is fairly new. The human rights put forward to the Quran and saying of God and Prophet (PBUH).

  1. Human Rights and Cultural Values

Social and economic situations of the people are the varied equally. Cultural values are the found in several countries in the region and analyze the relationship of cultural impartial bases of an appropriate appreciation of human right in the context.

  1. Universality of the Humanity

The universal character of human rights is based on the belief that human rights are natural attributes or human beings in the key reason, why human right are possessed by all people and thus their universality.

  1. In Universal Declaration of Human Right

In Universal declaration of human rights the foundation which provide a root of human rights.

Rights includes

  • Freedom of opinion.
  • Freedom of religion and belief.
  • Freedom of assembly and rights to join any group or refuse any organization.
  • You have a right to marry a partner at your choice and to raise children as well as equal rights withen a marriage equal protection under the law.
  • Everyone has the right to nationality participate in civic activities to write for government representatives and run for public office and legal rights its describes the conceptuality and understanding about human right and clean out the significance.
  1. General Assembly of Human Rights

The general assembly can developed or establized the inherent dignity and the equal and inalienable rights of all members of human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world, human rights should be protected by the rule of law, UHDR article 30 articles can explain the all rights and general assemble also focused on human rights and states that the equal rights of all men and women and are determined to promote social progress better standards of life and larger freedom and have promised to promote human rights and to common understanding.

“If we destroy human right and rule of law in the response (justice its) to terrorism, they have won”.

“Whenever there is conflict between human and property right, human right must prevail”. ( Abraham Tincoin).

  1. Human Dignity

Human dignity to me means not only possessing strong morals that help society to improve. Every human being has the basic right of respect both of himself and by his fellow man. Every person have the right to freedom and to express his moral beliefs through world and actions that will help him glow. Human dignity involves respect and compromise among the different people of any society, people, can from different families, countries, religion, different races.

  1. Charter of United Nation

The united nation is an international organization who’s stated aims are to facilitate cooperation in international law, international security, economic development social progress and human rights issue. The UN charter obliges are members nation to promote “universal respect and the observance of human rights the UDHR is an advisory declaration adopted by the UN General Assembly. It consist of 30 articles setting forth the human right and fundamental freedom to which all men and women are without any discriminatory.

  1. Quran and Human Rights

Quran is the Magna Carta of human rights and a larger part of its concern is to free human beings from the lays of traditionalization, racism, secures slavery or any things else prohibits or inhibits human beings from actualizing the Quranic vision.

  • The Quran dreams all human beings to be worthy of respect and accepts the trust of freedom.
  • The Quran puts great emphasize on the right to seek justice and the duty to do justice and the duty to do justice in the context of justice.
  • Quran is deeply concerned about liberate human beings from every kind.
  • Quran puts the highest emphasizes on the importance of acquiring knowledge Prophet (SAW) says:

“Allah grant my knowledge of the ultimate nature of things”.

In Islamic mechanism the Shariah or Quran emphasis on human rights. In Quran we have the right to chosen of their freedom or share of needy on basis necessities of life. Its asles and encourage of provision of basis needs of life.

  1. Islamic Perspectives

Islamic give the huge description about human rights and limited the Hadood not over get it. God is the absolute and the role master of men and the universe. The central theme of Islam is that there is only one God. The name of God is Allah.

According to Quran:

“Created men from a lot of blood”.

Humans are the greatest of all creators. The purpose of obeying and the serving God. Islam gives equality for all men and women, and rights can be give or apologized by birth. No one can take or snatched the rights. Everyone have freedom to chose their life styles but according to Quran and Sunnah.

“It is not possible for all human beings that Allah should give him the book and wisdom and prophethood and then he should say to humankind, “Be my servents rather than Allah’s “But (he would say). Be you faithful servants of the lord of virtue of your constant teaching of the book and of your constant studying therefore”. (Al-Imran 3: 79)

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