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Importance and Need for Capital

Need For Capital

I have learnt about the “Need for Capital”, as after reading I get to know that finance management is very necessary for the management of the capital, to arrange capital in the long-run and short-run is not easy, there is need to understand the possible sources of capital if need to manage the operation successful. Thus, the possible sources of the capital are equity financing, savings, state grants, debt financing, fundraising etc. Therefore, the debt service in FY2018 needs to be increased if the management needs to focus on the achievement of the goals, there is need to accommodate the increase in operating and the budget needs to be said, moreover, there could assessment and the advantages can be taken of a positive and favorable market.

Importance and Need for Capital

Debt service in fy2018 can be increased also through the advance refunding, traditional refunding. the players of the Wilkes university in 2007 includes the rating agency, financing authority, county council, financial advisor, the university, corporate counsel and the bond counsel. The players play an important role in managing the capital, example the player #1, which is the university, includes the chief financial officer, board of trustees, board finance committee and the president’s cabinet.  The player #2 includes the financing authority that has the two options example the city financing authority and the county financing authority. Moreover, the player #3 includes the county council, which focused on the need for the resolution that is on the health, safety and the welfare, there can also be the connection to financing authority.

The player #4 includes the financial advisor that focus on the private counsel and the objective viewpoint there is focus on the loyalty to the university, player #5 includes the bond counsels and the legal expertise on bond. The player #6 includes the corporate counsel who represents only the university, player #7 has rating agency and the player #8 has the underwriter.

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