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Impact of Traffic Intervention on Road Safety


The study identified as relationship between traffic intervention and road safety. Traffic intervention means prevention from road accidents. The traffic interventions in this research defined legislation, policies, construction of road networks as well. The understandings of traffic interventions are different from road safety due to model split of transport. Therefore, traffic interventions have indirect and direct impact on the road accidents. Road accidents put great burden on the society, property and individuals. There is causal link between traffic interventions and road safety.

Main Body:

Traffic intervention is the new term, and it could be seen that the most important thing that needs to be looked here is that the patterns, the variables, the directions are becoming different and advanced all over. Here it can be seen that the road safety needs to be looked in place as well. The transformations to the roads are done all over the traffic could be looked in detail. Approaching to the statistical analysis the frequency of road crash increases while there is more need to provide attention to reduce the severity road accidents. Hence, it could be seen. A couple of points need to be looked in detail in this aspect. Looking forward it can be seen that the road signs have been installed at the regular interval on the roads. It is seen that the latest technology like E drive cars and autopilot cannot read those signs and there is no use what so ever. Yes, the transformation is in the process, and the traffic intervention could be seen in this regard, but the matter of fact is that the road safety also needs to be measured in this case so that the details could be known (Great Britain, 2004).

Protection against road accident

  • Drive as per roadstead conditions
  • Maintain the automobile in great mechanical order
  • Put on the seat belt
  • Avoid different automobiles
  • Stay far from eighteen wheelers

Descriptive analysis

Impact of Traffic Intervention on Road Safety

Post Hoc analysis

Impact of Traffic Intervention on Road Safety


Thus, it is essential to make sure that with the help of agencies, the road accident could also be decreased and if the new interventions were taken care of the procedures. The mean differences of the perceptions of the respondents are same and they are not subject to change with respect to the type of the group that the riders possess. Therefore, it is recommended that the government must take appropriate actions in order to improve the traffic interventions.

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