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Impact of The Earthquake on Stakeholders Risk Analysis

Major Stakeholders

Stakeholder Groups Affected By The Earthquake

The group of stakeholders is also known as the major stakeholders, these are the people who are affected by the earthquake, there could be the indirect or direct impact of the earthquake on those people. However, stakeholders can also be the people, who are using the bridge or the people who are working on the repair project. Moreover, the stakeholders can be the people who are living in the surrounding area and could be suffered or affected by the disaster. The example could be given of the group of major stakeholders as it includes the people like, ambulance drivers, firefighters, the drivers, the pedestrians, the police officers etc. Stakeholders also include the people who are motivated to do the repairing of the bridge.

Major Risks That Each Stakeholder Faces 

Through focused on the point, it is known that all the stakeholders can face the risk regarding the destruction created by the earthquake and the disasters; however, there could be the huge impacts on the police force, ambulance drivers, and the firefighters because they are more vulnerable in responding to the emergencies. Another stakeholder can also affect by the collapse because they could face challenges, in order to travel to the different places, moreover. Pedestrians can face issues because the roads are damaged thus, there could be the collision on the human daily routine.

Impact Of The Earthquake On Stakeholders Risk Analysis

Everyone Wants The Damage To Be Repaired

Consequence Or The Matters Of Repairing Process

Stakeholders are the people who are living in the areas, where earthquake or disaster has to take place, as the people are exposed to the destruction, they have to face the issues in routine, and there could be health issues related to the mental and physical problems. Thus, these stakeholders have to face issues on normal routine life and they are the major stakeholders because they have to suffer consequence or the matters of repairing process. Major stakeholders have to face disturbances example includes the dust and the noise, which impact or provide harm or damage to the local people.

Risk Analysis

In order to provide the convenience to the stakeholders, the governor can decide on the projects that can facilitate the project team. There could be implementation of the project that could provide the facilities to the stakeholder before the bridge is replaced so that there could be effectiveness in the daily routines of the stakeholder who are suffering because of the disasters. Moreover, there could focus on the projects as the decisions could be made on the alternative travel route so that stakeholder move freely as broken bridge can take time. Therefore, construction of a temporary route will be more favorable, there will be quick and productive support by the temporary route or alternative route for the stakeholders and it will be the best way to cater them.

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