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Impact of Information Technology on Economic Growth



This is confirmed that the exploration work contained in this anticipate has been concurred out by student. Under my organization for the complete satisfaction of the necessity for the degree of MBECon (Master of Business Economics) Department of Economics.


Impact of Information Technology on Economic Growth           “I Know I am something Because Allah Almighty does not Create Garbage”

I dedicate this project to my honorable Parents Whose inspiration towards Knowledge served as a beacon of light whose encouragement and prayers strengthened me at every step of my life.

Teachers Prof. & All others who’s exceptional guidance always turned to me on the right path.

Finally I dedicate this project to my Sweet Friends My fellows who’s helped me & courage me in every step of my life.


All the thanks and acclaim to ALLAH  the benevolent, the most lenient who helps us in the murkiness and challenges. I go to most conscious Allah for his course and benevolence for the duration of my life. All the appreciation and honor to HAZRAT MOHAMMAD (S.A.W) who is perpetually a light of heading and light of learning for humankind. This dissertation would not have been possible without the help and kindness of a number of people. I am very thankful to Professor.  Who provided us the chance to conduct this project. And whose kind support was always with us throughout the duration of the project.

I gratefully acknowledge my supervisor who gave me a chance to conduct this research and I feel great pleasure for her nice support and encouragement throughout the course of my research.

I like to acknowledge to all the faculty members of the DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS for educating and training us particularly for an inter-graded approach on the study of statistical & management concepts/their applications thereby producing blended post-graduate professionals for the present day challenges being faced by the organizations.

I would like to express my thankfulness to my parents, brothers, and also my cousin’s friends for their inspiration, love, encouragement and constant support.


This research work or study is conducting to approximation the numerical or empirical results to see the “impact of information communication technology on the economic growth” in the past years from “1975 to 2015” through either OLS technique or Co integration. In this study we take the dependent variables as a trade, GDP, Enrollment in education sectors, Mortality rate of males and females and fixed gross capital formation and the independent variable is the imports and exports of communication and computers items to see their impact on economy.


INFORMATION Technology is the use of any PCs, systems administration, stockpiling and other physical gadgets like all the information gadgets (mouse, consoles) Infrastructure and improvements to make process, secure, store and trade of all types of electric information. The data and innovation correspondence in quick up financial development has been experimentally perceived in the structure of numerous created economies. By utilizing the data correspondence innovation, firms minimize the expense of coordination, correspondence, essentially and build the profitability and proficiency also. Data correspondence innovation speculation which includes the two things. To begin with is physical capital which comprises of correspondence gear and equipment the second is elusive resources like programming, these both finances the monetary development specifically by better yield and the extension of commercial ventures that creates the ICT things and in a roundabout way by the nature of speculation and yield of businesses that utilization the ICT assets in efficiency. The financial development of Pakistan through earlier years has circumvented whatever other nation of similar monetary condition barring china. Pakistan economy is not steady but rather through last late years is going towards creating economies and there is much progression in the numerous segments of Pakistan economies by the utilization of cutting edge advancements and data innovation.

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