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Impact of Disruptive Technologies on Nature of Work

Impact of Disruptive Technologies on Nature of Work – Abstract:

Technology is very important factor in the industry. Many disruptive technologies are show major impact on economy. Economy is very much dependent on latest technologies and these technologies are playing very important role in the industry. In both terms, potential economic impact and capacity to disrupt go hand in hand and critical important in sense of technology. Many evolution rapidly with transformative technologies potentially on the horizon with spanning information technologies, material science, energy, biological science and many other fields. Important technologies may use in any field and work with any discipline science and also having different features like substantial potential for disruptive economic impact, high rate of technology change, large economic value and broad potential scope of impact. So the technology is very important in every field of science and business with new time frame in which more competition going to increase.

Impact of Disruptive Technologies on Nature of Work


Potential economic impact use different estimations for different applications related to different technologies. But mostly, economic potential is not equal to market size technologies. Economic potential include economic surplus with GDP growth and new revenue with latest technologies. Different internet based technologies have focus on value of shift to consumer.

Sizing related to utilities is not predicted fully but some estimates can be measure which shows impact on potential economic our estimation for different size technologies and its applications are huge as per collection and analysis.

We have to pay more attention on different estimations of potential economic impact of different technologies with a group of applications which depend on technology advancement feasible scenario, reach and reached to productivity and gained the value. Estimation on potential for facing barriers addressable to value creation and technology adoption. And proper and sufficient investment is also required for these activities. Estimation include annual value like consumer surplus with applications of different size.to measure the economic direct impact potential related to technologies ,find out applications and their drivers of values related to technologies. Define its scope. Also consider potential rates of technology adoption and diffusion related to estimation of scope by considering performance and price improvement. And at last, we consider the estimation of potential productivity and gain of value with all related applications.

Basically, many lag also involve between economic impact and introduction of new technologies.

So we has to determine all the necessary requirements which are related to advancement of technologies and these technologies show a huge impact on economy and growth  sector for the development and improvement.

Disruptive Technology Literature Review:

Author say that to predict disruption accurately and persistently, designers and operators for forecasting system first understand the market place of global and disruption nature. Researching include verifying different innovations and potential and the current application. Technologies should not be novel or radical as per technical or engineering point of view for making disruptive. Technologies become disruptive while crossing points in performance or price as increase dramatically capabilities and accessibility related to technologies. Two disruptive technologies are going to observe, one belong to transition phase, in this phase new technologies are adopted by user after a period of time. In second disruptive technologies, completely brand new capability or market going to be created likes personal computers. History tell us that many attributes are take place in case of developing disruptive technologies: discontinuity is always present in different factors like cost,performance,adoption rate ,reliability and many others. These not belong to change in technology but with new application. Application must be impactful with other related technologies. Conversion of many disciplines may occur after developing the technology. Main attribute link with corporate vision which means leadership quality is a strong force in promoting disruptive technology. (Nap.edu, 2018)

The disruptive theory proves a strong way of innovation driven thinking and growth. Many small and large enterprises are following this for getting more advancement. Disruptive theory is become more dangerous of its own success. The issue with conflating a innovation in disruptive with breakthrough that going to change the pattern of competitive where different strategic approaches adopted by different innovations. This article is the result of effort to gather the art state. Disruptive define  a setup where smaller companies used some resources to challenge successfully for establish businesses .as incumbents give attention on improving their services and product for most concerning customers, then they are going to increase some segments of customers and also decrease the need of others. Disruptive focus on overlooking segments attaining a strong hold by providing reasonable functionality at fewer prices. Getting high profitability in demanding segments but not move to vigorously respond. (McDonald, DECEMBER 2015)

Technology disruptive is the technologies that prepare establish technology and change all the products in such a way to develop a new industry. Sustain technology depend on improvement with increment to maintain the technology which already exist. Disruptive have shortage of refinement which show performance problem because of new and limited audience. Few examples of disruptive technologies are given below: windows operating system is a combination of user friendly interface and affordability was mostly used in rapid development of computing industry. Cell phone make possible to connect with people at anywhere at any place. Personal computer is work in case of typewriter and way of communication and work. Mobile phones and laptops become a mobile workforce possible and allow people to join corporate network and connect with each other. Email change the way in displacing the writing of letters and removing postal and greeting cards. (Rouse, © Copyright 2018, TechTarget)

Innovation start to develop new markets and industrial challenges .disruptive technologies are become the latest model of business that innovatively constant. In start, new product or services attract only new or small customers. If they offer high quality at less prices then disruption develop new markets and create different challenges in industries. Cloud computing is maximizing the computer techniques to learn by focusing large amount of information from internet connected devices, smart phones and web. In machine learning advancement show a huge impact in different sectors. Two different activities are going to merge in developing app enable service of car. Services offer owner operated vehicles, clean and convenient arrangement of pickup with prices. (American Funds Distributors, Inc, JANUARY 2017)

Case Study:

Internode Pty ltd is internet service provider in Australia that supply NBN and ADSL broadband internet access, voice over IP, Web hosting, co-location, business class access and many other services. It was the ISP first which provide opportunity ADSL2/2 in Australia by also installing own DSLAM in Telstra exchange. It offers them to access up to 24Mbit/s speed which is fastest speed than Telstra. It also offers Naked ADSL2+ services which operating in both Optus and agile hardware. It operate at national level VOIP service based known as Node Phone who work as international backbone network and deployment widespread of Cisco VOIP gateways at lower cost. Internode also gives wireless hotspot network known as CityLAN in South Australia. It provides smooth internet access at national level.

Intel is most famous and well known company in the field of computers hardware and software. It provide different internet access to its customers. If Intel view has focus on bright future for the consumers, for this downright blinding for different industries. Intel vision demonstrate to focus on wireless internet network that become ultra-fast and ubiquitous become WiMax that offer network and city wide broadband. Intel cause great turmoil, and hik gates, gate last, strain induced mobility improvement, 3D gate and develop revolution. (Glasner, 08.26.2005)


After all the above discussion we can say that disruptive technology is very important in industries. it help in developing more new market and introducing new technologies. But the main thing is that disruptive technology is new advancement in technology which introduce new changes in the technologies which provide new ways and methods for adopting technologies and improved and latest methods in different business industries. So disruptive technology also offer many new facilities to give more opportunities and convenience to customers. We select mobile internet and all related facilities of mobile. Its usage and rapidly increase day by day. Now no any working is possible without mobile.in every field or sector, mobile and its internet facility is provide internet access at all levels with different facilities. No any person now lives without mobile and internet. People get internet mobile facility at any time at any place according to their need and requirement.it provide all the information from internet by using mobile to get access on all information. Now we are too much involved in the mobile and its internet that provide connectivity with all resources and facilities.

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