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Impact of Decision Making Power on Personality With Example

How Event Helped  To Shape Who You Are Today

In everyone life, so many events are responsible for changing one life, my friends also share the situation and event that have shaped their personalities, I feel no shame or regrets in sharing what has happened to me when I was the child and young. There are so many events that have occurred in my life and make me a stubborn personality now, since childhood I was very aggressive and my parent never pay attention to my attitude or behavior based on some reasons I have become a stubborn personality now. I am dependent on my parents; my parents never allowed me to take the decisions because they think I can never make the right decisions.

However, I am the week in making the decision or taking right decisions for myself. Always I have to ask other before doing anything, or I have to do or follow what others are doing. I am codependent as an adult, I have to follow what others want, there are so many events come in my life when I become unable to take the decisions for myself. I want to be like others or like some of my friends who are confident enough to take the decision for their own selves and for the others. They are not under anyone. They always do what they want to.  I want to share the experiences of my life, as in childhood whenever I want to take the decisions my parents stopped me, especially my dad never want I to take decisions for own self.

I still remember I was in grade two, when my friends arranged the party after the school, I agreed upon their decision and decided to go to the party, however, when I come home and told my parents, they said that how could you take this decision that you are going for outing, without our permission. You are not that big to take the decision and we cannot allow you to go and play outside so you should cancel the plan. The next day, when I went to the class and talked to the friends, I feel ashamed that I am not going with them.

There are so many events occurred in my life when I have to take the decision and my parents have to cancel the plans. I want to share another event, when I was in class 5 and in school all the students were keeping the subjects of their own choices. I decided to go for the historical subjects as I was interred in that. When I reached home and talked to my parents, they said that you could not study history because there is no scope; if you want to live in this house then you have to study all science subjects.

The situations I have faced were very disappointing, make my personality negative, this is the reason I am so stubborn now, and do not listen to the other. Neither I can make the decision; I do not have power or the capability to take the decisions for myself. I always faced the same situation with the siblings, they never make me capable of taking the decision, it could be explained as I have to eat that what they want to order. In friends, my personality is repressive, as I do not have the ability to say that what I like or what I want.

Sometimes I feel disappointed in myself because I never expected my life to be like this. I do not have the decision-making power, due to which I have to suffer a lot. Whenever in my life I tried to make the decisions my parents do not like them, they always stand against me not with me because they think I am taking the wrong or immature decision. I know my parents love me a lot but they think I am immature to take my own decisions. However, I know I can make the best or correct decisions.

Whenever, in my childhood or as an adult, I tried to take the decision, my parent’s has stopped me. I am sharing this to you so that you should not do this to your children, even all of us should give them trust so they can able to take their decisions according to what they like or prefer. However, parent’s decisions are important in some stages of the life because it is the parents who care for you and for not want you to see in pain.

I often face so many conditions in the life, when people laugh at me. Whoever friends ask me to go out, my reply to them is, I do not know or I will ask my parents first. I am under pressure, which does not make my personality as cool or authoritative as my friends are. My friends are able to take the decisions and I can feel that I know in future my partner have to take the decisions for me and I have to do that. The cases I have seen like me are in power and control of their partners.

My personality is suppressed and I just cannot take any decision, this is the reason I think that parents should allow their children to think and take decisions for, they need to guide and them. Of the parent will not let their child play with the toys he/she likes or the food he/she wants then the personality of the child can be affected and they can end up as a codependent adult or they could become aggressive or stubborn like me.

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