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Human Rights Complaint Against Canada Post

Toronto, Newspaper Canada Post Is ‘Distributing Hate Propaganda’

Human Rights Complaint

A human right complaint was filed against Canada post. Richard Warman, a lawyer of human rights said that newspaper is containing material that is racists, anti-Muslim, anti-Jewish and homophobic. War man in the news was not representing anyone he wants Canada post and the government of Canada to respect everyone and the law. According to him, people are not treated fairly in the news, as Muslims represented as Swine, and other people were described as the homophobic slur. He wants to raise voice the nations, it is against human right to criticize some against human rights (Demarco, 2016).

I chose this article because it is against the human rights; there is hate propaganda in the news, I like the action of Warman because he wants to protect people from various backgrounds, he is concerned with the Canada post, Warman believes that he has strong legal grounds for his case. I am also a human right supporter, but I disagree with Warman, as he said Canadian government should take steps against newspapers and restrict them, I am against this because news gets interesting when they something to read, the newspapers are promoting their new by using these words. However, it is against the humanity, one religion or person should not be targeted, there should be a general talk, but newspapers should not stop making news interesting to read. I know that all newspapers are earning money due to creating hate propaganda in their news, if they do not promote homophobically, nobody will buy the newspaper.

Human Rights Complaint Against Canada Post

Prisons Pay More For Native Spiritual Services

Canadian Federal prisons are paying more each year for the spiritual services, the correctional services of Canada are spending $8 million annually. In addition, versus it $6.75 million ceiling for the other religions, a traditional healing path is a medicine for the people lived there and religious services and faith-based education is given with the individual counseling. The key persons of the institution believe that indigenous offenders can give better outcomes and their behavior can be improved if they are given religious services (Smith, 2016).

I have chosen this article because the federal government is spending this much money just for the religious services to the prisons. The post has made me angry because a government has to think that there are many other places to spend money on, this big amount of money should not be given to correctional institutes. Prisons always remained the prisons; institutes are making money by asking of religious counseling. However, if the federal government is giving money to the correctional institutions for the religious education, then there is need of a proper check. The government needs to give a fewer amount of money for this purpose because there is no guarantee that services will be effective, I agree that reconnected with the spiritual and cultural tradition can give the new thinking in life in the society but we are not assured of consequences. There are better places to spend money than on the correctional institution support ethnicity. The government needs to think on other sectors because even spiritual services to the prisoners cannot going to make the differences in prisoners, they are still in jail.

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