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HSBC Bank Marketing Case Study Analysis

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What have been key success factors for HSBC?
  • Where is HSBC vulnerable and what should they watch for?
  • Author’s recommendations to Senior Marketing Executives of HSBC
  • Discussion Points
  • Conclusion
  • Reference List


The author provides a marketing spotlight on HSBC in this short essay, in the form of answers to the questions raised in the exercise. Post replying to the queries, the author presents some discussion points concerning the global branding & marketing strategy of HSBC.

HSBC Bank Marketing Case Study Analysis

What have been Key Success Factors for HSBC?

HSBC’s primary success factor has been its emphasis on locating the HSBC brand in the region of operation, making it easier for customers to deal with them. Their localization strategy has helped them build local competitive advantages in their operating regions, so that they can compete effectively with the region’s local players. A more in-depth insight into this strategy shows that the efforts are geared towards being the consumer’s expert on the nation’s cultural awareness and thus gaining profound financial visibility opportunities in the country hidden in the personality & motivation of the end consumers that is normally invisible to other outsiders (Montgomery. 2008).

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