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HP Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Distribution Overview Report

Hewlett-Packard Company


It is a Fact that, HP is an American manufacture; it is a leader in running imaging environment, and in office, printing it is providing the wide range of capabilities and services. HP have true integrated approach, in recent years, HP have became very famous across the world, as it technology is advanced and they are providing the customers with the best services at reasonable prices. Locally and global HP is selling so many products, it has given the computer hardware, computer software, IT services and IT consulting services to the many customers, HP production range is very wide, which include software and computer services (Hall, 2016):

HP has not only promoted the services of software and hardware, it has also given services of full range of, designs, implement and it is also support the IT infrastructure. The HP production or products range, have not only given benefits to the large enterprises. However, production gives benefits to the individual and the consumers who are associated with small, medium businesses.

HP Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Distribution Overview Report

It is an opinion that the major part of production is carried out in America and then supplied to the other countries; it is a fact that HP has the products includes printers, black and white laser printer, color laser printer, color inkjet printer, latex printer, inkjet digital web press etc. The product range is much more than printers that include, HP software products, HP converged cloud products, digital cameras, scanners, tablet computers, mobile phones, pocket computer, desktop calculator and computer, business desktop, personal desktop, HP pro book, HP elite book, personal note book, workstations computers, serves etc. HP has also services of telepresence and videoconferencing system.

It is an opinion that company can increase the business through software business; the company can offer software for the large business like, the business services management software, applications for lifecycle management software, enterprise security software, automation and orchestration software, big data analytics etc.


It is a fact, that in recent years, HP have managed the best prices and the highest quality of its products across the world, the HP have the customers around the world, for it quality services, many of the consumers have shifted from other companies and use HP.  There are lots of companies are worried about it supply chains, that outsourcing and manufacturing can lose their control over their good, but HP have made the strategies to overcome such problems, they have the visibility and the pricing control (Supplychainbrain, 2016).

It is a fact that HP products are delivers across the world, they have world–class distribution, because partners and companies admire their products. They have strategically centers the Midwest for the distribution of the products; they have fast, flexible and frequent distribution. In my opinion, they need to learn about each customer and then need to give the services, according to the requirements of the inventory, then can customize their production or distribution, according to the demand they can manage their production demand.

It is an opinion that they can manage their business through managing the financial results, the business segments need to be targeted to increase the profitability, the commercial group segments can be targeted, there partners are retailers, resellers and distributors. The customers segments across the world need to be focus so the there could be no more problems, the competitors are increasing, so customer feedback should be taken, as they are distributing the products all around the world.

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