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How to Market Yourself Example

Marketing Yourself

Marketing yourself means to make yourself get fit in someone’s atmosphere to work there. A person should be well aware of the brand or organization in which he wants to be fit. A person should do complete homework before going somewhere for interview.

There are many fields in the market where anyone can pursue his career-oriented skills. The main the first and most important thing is to choose the line where you wanted to show your skills. The line, which you want to select as a career, must be selected first so that you can achieve your goal. The fields which I prefer to go on primary basic are:

  • Manager
  • Business Development Officer
  • Data analyst

How to Market Yourself Example

The fields, which I keep as a secondary option, are:

  • Data entry operator
  • System analyst

Career Goals And The Opportunities At These Companies Aligned

The three companies where I should pick to apply for a job will be those who will rank high in employees hiring and have good atmosphere. They will be 1) Eagle 2) RBC 3) excel

I picked these companies because I did a research on these companies first. I found these companies best in ranking in my country. The goals I have in my mind which I wanted to complete and the offer the company is offering to his employees both matches as well.

Yes these companies are hiring right now because I am in touch with the websites of these companies. The positions, which they are offering, are those, which were the primary choices of my career.

The salaries these companies are offering are according to the offer it should be essential for the post. The salary ranges from $45,000 to $70,000. The location of the offices of these jobs is easily reachable for me and to many other persons as these are in the center of the city. At the location, one can find any convince easily.

The required sett skills for the companies where I am going to apply are minimum graduate, have experience in relevant field of minimum 6 months, should be excellent in English spoken and on written have great command, available for the shifts of evening as well. I have a graduate degree in business administration. I have great command on English spoken and writing. I also have the experience of data analyst, BDO and manager in different organizations of 6 months each as an internship.


I use to find information of these companies were that I made an account with these companies through my email. I applied for the jobs through: Indeed, Paper, Topitjobsites and takethiscourse.

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Marketing Yourself Example

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