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How To Keep Your Audience Captivated in an Online Video

Making a video is simple and most people are doing it daily. It has become such an effective way to communicate. However, it is not how you made the video but what you say in the video that will keep your viewers on the page. Remember these are people who are hovering the mouse over a dozen more pages and you have to make them want to stay on your page. There are a few things you can do to keep your viewers on your page.

  • Say the Important Things First

Remember you are trying to captivate your audience. You want to keep your audience engaged in your video such that they won’t have to leave your site without watching the whole video. Make sure that you point out the important things first. These are the main reasons why you are making the video. The most important things are most likely going to keep your audience engaged to your video. The audience wants to know that the video is for them, and you will achieve this if you say the important stuff first.

  • Be Straightforward

Many people will not wait until you have finished beating around the bushes to hear your point. Be specific and mention your point like it is. Don’t explain first and then mention the point later. This will make your viewers get bored.

  • The Shorter the Video the Better

Most of your viewers will spring to look at is the length of your video first. Nobody is going to have the patience to watch a very long online video while they can look for a shorter version of it. Keep your video around 30-45 seconds long. Once you hit the one minute mark, the viewer will start wandering around and won’t give your video much attention unless it is fascinating.

  • Keep it Personal

Make sure that whatever you are saying, your viewers can directly relate to it. Don’t start immediately by giving your viewers description of a brand and how it can turn their lives and all that. Just keep it simple and personal. Remember you have only sixty seconds to capture the attention of your viewers. Don’t let impersonal content make you lose that chance.

Making a video is easy but making people want to watch the video is a bit hard. Make a video with the right content for your target audience and make sure it is interesting. This will captivate the attention of your viewer, and they will want to watch more from you.

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