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How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Mobile Cell Phone Screen

Cell Phones are Subjected to Screen Damage:

People take extra care and closely look at reviews before they buy their Cell phones. Irrespective of the fact that brand is very successful, or brand is not as popular as the other leading brands, whenever a cell phone or even iPhone is dropped down the glass screen gets damaged. Depending upon the brand of cell phone and the quality of the model screen damage repair takes up different range of prices. Some phones have high quality of glass which does not break easily, others may have gorilla glass screen which is sensitive to pressure. The velocity with which is hits the ground and the height it covers also accounts in the depth of damage which is directly proportional to the cost of cell phone screen recovery.

Therefore, we include all these factors when determining the prices to screen repair or when trying to get the range of the repair costs for different leading and commercial brands of cell phone. Like Vancell mobile cell phone repairs in Vanouver, Canada offers repairing services of all almost all brands and charge the prices according to the mobile brand and quality of parts. Inclusive to all these factors we cannot refrain us from considering the quality of services we are getting for our damaged screens and from where we get these. They all matter for the durability of cell phone.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Mobile Cell Phone Screen

  • Samsung Screen Repair Cost:

Samsung is among the most selling brands of cell phone. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge costs around 270$ to get repaired. Samsung Galaxy S5 costs 100$ and 250$ to get repaired. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with a broken screen would take about 270 $ to amend the damages. If you damage your Note 7 twice it will cost, you 287$ this time. Thus, the amount of repair depends on the quality of cell phone as well as accounts for the number of times screen gets damaged or collapses. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 features the Gorilla Glass 5 which is not impervious to nasty spills and once damaged it’s hard for the users to repair on their own.  Moving with the advancement of technology, costs are also raised. Such as Galaxy S10e costs 800$ to get its damaged screen repaired. For S10 prices go high to 960$ and for coming S10 plus they will be 1060$. Hence, the latest products cost the high rates of screen repair, thus users need to be more cautious.

  • Apple Screen Repair Cost:

Apple is considered as the most advanced in technology and the best seller of iPhones throughout the world. IPhone7, iPhone7 Plus, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max cost 29$ under the Apple care and the same sets cost too high if user have to get them repaired out of warranty card; such as iPhone7 costs 149$, iPhone7 Plus costs 169$, iPhone XS costs 279$ and iPhone XS Max costs 329$. The same trend of increasing prices with the enhanced quality or the model of iPhone is evident in Apple series. An Apple user takes into notice that Apple stores are not present in all areas of the world therefore the quality of repair is left un-guaranteed and users have to bear the low-quality services against high prices.

  • Oppo Screen Repair Costs:

Oppo cell phones usually range from 100$ to 300$ when it comes to the screen repair. Oppo F1s can get its damaged screen repair in 125$. R11 Plus Genuine Glass Screen costs 149$ almost, where as if the model gets advancement the prices get high as usual. R11s Genuine Glass Screen costs 159$ and moving further R11s Plus Genuine Glass Screen costs even higher amount of 299$. Oppo users get the advantage in underdeveloped countries where many users choose oppo as their first choice and therefore the technicians have a good know how of the oppo cell phone screen repairs and repair parts for the damaged screen can be found easily as compared to the earlier discussed brands.

  • Huawei Screen Repair Costs:

Huawei P20 Lite costs 9$ to 11$ for the replacement of LCD screen. Huawei Honor 10 Lite costs higher 12$ to 14$ even for the screen replacement without touch, since the model is advanced. However, for the same model it costs 20$ to 21.5$ for the replacement of LCD screen with touch sensors. Huawei Honor 8 Pro costs 16$ for the screen replacement with the combo LCD and touch sensors. Hence, the trend of variation in price ranges has been evident by the effects of models and the customer choice popularism.

  • QMobile Screen Repair Costs:

QMobile Noir LT700 gets its LCD screen with touch digitizer replaced for only 2$ to 3$. Surprisingly this is way less than the prices discussed yet. Similarly, QMobile Noir A1 costs around 1.28$ and this helps us recognize the range of screen repair is between 1$ to 20$ only. QMobile Noir Z12 costs almost 7$ to 8$ for the replacement of LCD screen. QMobile LT 700 Pro costs 6$ to 7$ against the screen damage. For other models of QMobile screen replacement is not supported sometimes or once the screen gets damaged, the customer prefers to replace their cell phone instead of getting the screen replacement.

  • Nokia Screen Repair Costs:

Nokia Lumia 625 was the most selling cell phone when it was launched, and its screen repair costed almost 2$ to 3$. Similarly, considering the other models of Nokia ssuch as Nokia 7 Plus costs 24$ to 26$ since it is the advanced technology then Lumia series.


From all above discussion of mobile phone brands and their range of cell phone screen repair gives an idea of how the brand itself, the model of that particular brand and moving into depths the market value of the cell phone decides what does it cost to get the damaged screen repair. No doubt the quality of glass in the LCD of touch screen mobile phones varies widely. Still the gap in the range of prices depicts that a branded cell phone and the new launched cell phone always costs much higher than the other cell phones in the world of cell phones.




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