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Groundwater Questions Answers

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What Will Happen To Groundwater Table During?

  • Dry Season (No Rainfall)

The groundwater table goes down during the Dry season (no rainfall).

  • Wet Season (Plenty Of Rainfall)

The groundwater table goes up during the Wet season. (Plenty of rainfall)

The groundwater zone containing well water is called Saturated Zone.

The groundwater zone where well water may be absent are called Capillary fringe and intermediate Zone.

Groundwater Questions Answers

What Other Rocks Besides A Carbonate Rock Is Susceptible To Dissolution?

  • Rock Salts
  • Rocks gypsum
  • Through Groundwater circulating, rock naturally dissolved by this.

What Kind Of Weathering Is Associated With Rock Dissolution?

Rock dissolution is accompanying through a process through which a mineral wholly dissolves within water, known as dissolution. During the dissolution reaction, a mineral is broken into its constituents ions during solution.

Chemical Equation

CaCO3 +H2CO3  Ca2+ + 2HCO3-

(Calcite) + (carbonic acid)


CaCO3 +H2CO3  Ca2+ + 2HCO3-

Explain The Meaning Of The Following: Infiltration, Groundwater Table And Voids?

Infiltration the procedure through which rainfall or water splashes hooked on subsurface soils besides changes into rocks finished splits as well as pore spaces. Infiltration happens at a upper layers of a ground yet may likewise continue assist downhill into a water table.

Groundwater table-A groundwater table, more often than not called a water table, is a profundity at which a ground ends up immersed, or completely filled, thru water. At a point when water achieves the surface of the Earth, either through rain, overflowing, or some different means, water starts to invade, or go into, the ground.

Groundwater voids-the unfilled space or pores happening a dirt besides shake subterranean popular which groundwater stops until a point that every single accessible space are encumbered with water

Artesian Systems Occur When Inclined Aquifers Are Surround By Impermeable Beds And What Is The Difference Between Aquicludes And Aquifers?

An aquiclude’s which is a strong, impermeable zone basic or overlying an aquifer.

Aquifer’s is an assemblage of penetrable shake that can contain or transmit ground-water.

Would You Recommend Building A Nuclear Power Plant In Our Area Containing Carbonate Rocks? 

No, because the rocks of carbonate are great fastly dissolvable around the water, the ground of a plant will be built on will eventually dissolve away over time as well as raise the groundwater table, Nuclear power plant might be permanently damage a land. Thus the overall serviceable land will be useless pending it is able to convalesce themself if ever.

Would You Build Your House In An Area High In Carbonate Rocks? Explain

No, I would not built my house in an area of the high carbonate rocks on the behalf , a fear for the later destruction of my home over time due to my improper planning as well as the research on an area during which the planned to live.

What Can Be Done To Save A Sinking Land?

To save a sinking land the Mitigation is used, on the off chance that a land is as of now observed to sink, there can be a group created to distinguish in addition to produce precise peril maps of regions recognized to be underlain through rocks similar gypsum, or salt, limestone,  that is defenseless to disintegration through liquids. At that point, additional collection can do nitty gritty examinations utilizing drill gaps, or pulverized infiltrating radar can be utilized to discovery open depressions underneath a surface.

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