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Green Supply Chain Management Practices in Chinese Companies

Performance Outcomes of Internal and External Green Supply Chain Management Practices in China

Research Classification:

In the paper there is the discussion of the Green supply chain management (GSCM), however, thereGreen Supply Chain Management Practices in Chinese Companies is the test on the significant complexities or to understand these complexities with the tests of a theoretical model. Different types of hypothesis are discussed in the literature, so that there could be the focus on the institutional pressures that companies are motivating the manufacturing enterprises to pursue or apply or follow the practices of green supply chain management.

The statistic results from the institutional pressures find out the GSCM is applied by the companies and driven the manufacturer adoption so that the internal GSCM practices can be followed.

Introduction and Statement of Problem:

The companies in China are focused to improve the GSCM practices, there are environmental regulations and potential competitive analysis so that the companies could improve, and the embracing environmental practices are used by the manufacturers so that the companies could adopt the various environmental pliers.

In the research there is focused on institutional theory for the corporate environmental practices. These GSCM practices are focused to find out the commensurate performance outcomes with the sample of 396 Chinese manufacturers companies, there is the path analysis and evaluation of the structural links.

GSCM are motivating the companies to have the supply chain partners or the customers so that better strategic expectations and the better competitive position could be focuses in the market. Thus, the companies are implementing the environmental management practices through focuses on the cost-effective manner and through the collaborative organizational actions.

However, there are not directly affect economic performance because companies are improving indirectly through focused on the practices. GSCM practices are there to improve the supply chain efficiencies because of the commercial competitive pressures. The green supply chain management has the pressure in the China industry’s as the organizations are examining the relationships with the institutional pressure.

The article examines about the empirically tests a theoretical model; GSCM practices adoption of the Chinese. Consequently, China is motivated through the institutional pressure for the GSCM practices implementation in order to get the better position in the market. Five hypothesized relationships studies in article.  The hypotheses are:

  1. There are three kinds of institutional pressures for the environmental management, which effects on the manufacturing of enterprise for the GSCM practices implementation.
  2. The level of external GSCM practices could be enhanced through implementation of the internal GSCM practices.
  3. There is direct relationship of the GSCM practices with the economic performance.
  4. There is indirect affect of the economic performance from the GSCM practices in a positive manner because it can also improve environmental performance.
  5. There is indirect affect of the economic performance from the GSCM practices in a positive manner because it can also improve operational performance.

The new literature is tested through these five hypotheses, as shown in table 3.

Green Supply Chain Management Practices in Chinese Companies

Type of Operations Management or the Decision Services – Technique used:

In the table 1 there are the 396 responses, the study targeted manufacturers and different types of ownership or organizational size so that better practices in Chinese industry can be focuses.

Green Supply Chain Management Practices in Chinese Companies

Evaluation of Usefulness of the Above Operations:

From the analysis of the industry’s, ownerships, manufacturers it is known that the applications are focused in the developing countries example China. Hover, the major objectives of the companies is to avoid economic risk and this is the reason that the companies are becoming environmentally oriented as the result indicates improvements in the proactive organizations through applying GSCM as shown in table 2.

Green Supply Chain Management Practices in Chinese Companies

Personal Evaluation:

For the personal evaluation it could be stated that companies are applying effective practices of GSCM for the better economic performance, through the environmental management practices. The results show the structural relationships in the internal and external GSCM practices of the Chinese Companies.

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  • Zhu, Q., Sarkis, J., & Lai, K.-h. (2013). Institutional-based antecedents and performance outcomes of internal and external green supply chain management practices. Journal of Purchasing & Supply Management, 19(2), 106–117.

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