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GPS Tracker Devices and Watches Business Idea

GPS Devices Product And GPS watches

GPS watches are considered to be fitness devices which keep people aware of their fitness, keep track their path while traveling anywhere in the world. These watches are worn on wrist like a bracelet these watches help people to control their tracking speed while using a treadmill for exercise or on jogging in the track machines or in the parks. Further it locates the travelling speed , it also locates the heartbeat of a person while running if it get’s disturbed it can be controlled through that watch it get you alarmed before any disturbance as well.

GPS watches are a recent addition to running they contain a tracking device and sensors devices as well which receives signals from broadcasting satellites to determine user’s exact location where he/she is present at that time. This watch uses barometric altimeters to measure the pressure changes at different levels during your workout and it provides very authentic data of elevation changes in your body during your workout. The quality that makes it unique from other devices is that it can receive signals from a distance with accuracy and also detects your fitness level accurately and precisely.

GPS Tracker Devices and Watches Business Idea

GPS watches use barometric altimeters which is more valuable and accurate alternative for altitude tracking than GPS these watches are basically mobile devices that can perform many functions as well like calculations, playing games etc. Basic GPS Watches tends to offer you at least 3 features pace , distance run and duration  in addition many GPS watches now a days are measuring heart rates as well with the passage of time due to changes in technologies this technology is very useful for runners because it ensures the to work with an appropriate intensity for your goals.

These devices based on the sensors which receives continuously signals from the satellites positioned by higher authorities under government supervision to find out user’s exact location at various points anywhere on earth. All the time at least 24 satellites keep on working over the planet. At one time a GPS watch scanner can sense 3 satellites signals for its software to work and calculate accurately. According to U.S Air force a GPS System can be accurate about 3.5 kilometers. The Garmin one of the best known watch manufacturer says that they can sense up to 15 kilometer with accuracy and precisely. Certain Features may affect its accuracy such as tree covers or any other atmospheric wrong effect.

These GPS watches and all other GPS devices have a very bright future and a wide scope of success in coming era. As these are helping people in tracking and keeping an eye on their fitness which help them in maintaining their health strong and fit to best fit in the society by enjoying all holiness’s.

It will be located near to an American multinational technology company Garmin in Olathe Kansas. In this multinational company supervision our GPS watch will be manufactured and prepared by the best technology and best techniques. Our company will manufacture not only GPS watches but many other GPS devices as well to help public.

Yes we need specific technology to build best GPS watches as all other watch manufacturing companies using to take best place in the society and to serve best to people to gain their trust or to make them comfortable in their living standard so that they can easily and happily pass on their lives with fitness and health. We need for sure the best equipment actually the digital equipment and with a latest upgraded computer as well to build a handsome design with all features of attractive product in it. One thing about which we take a lot of care while manufacturing GPS watches is that it should be cost minimized means as less cost will came on manufacturing it without being any compromise on the quality of our product and it also costs less to our customer with best quality for sure so that customer can rely more on our product leaving all other products working already in the market.

The process which we will follow to manufacture our GPS watch would be as same as Garmin company will follow because we are going to work under that company so they will lead us how to build that watch, by following which process so that it will made quickly with precision and best quality as well as with attractive body and delightful features and with all the wants of a customer to be fulfilled.

Contingency plan

Contingency plan is basically an alternative idea/plan if you’re real planning goes wrong or out of the way you thought. For our product we have planned that if this go wrong then we will stop making it for some time, find out the problems that occur and started making it with a different and more accurate way to complete it on time with attractive features as a must without doing any compromise on the quality for sure. This alternative idea defiantly gets fulfilled and manufactures our product on time.

If someone try to leave our company during his/her work first we will listen to their problem then we will try to solve it first if it get solved then it will be great but it still goes off and person don’t wanted to continue anymore then we will let them go because in a company or any working institution we or anyone cannot make you work forcefully or with harshness because it will make the atmosphere uncomfortable and rude people will not work properly and with heart and it will causes failure in making you and your product successful in the market .

First of all we set a supplier which had a good repute in the market we confirm it first that whether the supplier will help us in increasing our product’s sale or not then we will give our product to him If still supplier goes bust we will change it with our alternative supplier after compensating all  the loss.

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