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Giffords Ice Cream Marketing Strategies

Implementation Plan For Giffords

Gifford’s, ice cream is offering the different type of deserts with rich flavour in old-fashioned ways. In order to get more share of the market and sustain existing one, it is necessary for the company to remain in competition by providing the focus of innovations. So, it is suggested to Gifford’s to offer ice-cream cake.

Vision Statement

It is our vision to provide taste and health according to the desire of customers. Lead innovation and quality service by fulfilling the desires and needs of consumers and customers with the strong brand.

Mission Statement

To produce quality products with cost efficiency and in the safe and clean environment. We will improve regularly all our business factors to get success for long-term and to operate on the

financial basis of growth that is profitable.


  1. The goal of a company is to increase 40% sale of ice-cream cake in a year.
  2. The company will increase its ice-cream cake flavour from 5 to 15 within two years.

Integrated Marketing Mix

Product Strategy

The strategies are made in order to promote the product more among the competitors and among the people who are going to use the product. The strategies that are made should be implementing accordingly so that they can give good and positive results as well. Products give best results only then, when they are promoted well and when they are positively distributed among the minds of people. Product promotion strategies are essential to make so that product can get a high place in the market and can beat the competitors well.

  • The target market for the product is younger population and families, and the people of other age.
  • The offered product can provide advantages to customers due to versatility in flavours and good quality health products.
  • The target customers prefer to purchase our product due to the range of flavour as well as repute of the company in offering healthy and low-fat products that provide it with the advantage over its competitors.
  • The benefit of the product will prove important for customers, as customers are now my conscious about their health and they prefer to eat healthy products with the range of flavors as everyone wants diversity and change.
  • The product is different from its competitors in term of flavours and quality. Furthermore, we are offering customized ice-cream cake that provides you with the good experience. It is the strategy of Gifford’s, to never compromise on quality and provides customers with low fats hygienic products. This strategy is the competitive advantage of the Gifford’s, over its competitors. The positioning map of the product make the situation clearer

Giffords Marketing Strategies

  • The marketing message of the company in order to differentiate its brand is “All time, ice cream time”.
  • Gifford’s is not the company to offer you variety of ice-cream flavors, but it also has the commitment to its customers to provide them with quality and healthy products. Now, customers can eat our products without any fair of fats or other health-related issues. It has the commitment to its customers to provide them with the variety of flavors since its existence and it is our priority to provide families with everlasting marvelous experience.
  • We are providing awareness of health to the customers so that they can make best and suitable choice in all aspects. We never compromise to the quality and this is the reason for our fame.
  • The company will offer online services and good serving experience to our customers. Gifford’s is also will also offer 24/7 customer’s support and warranties to the quality of products.

BCG matrix of Gifford’s

Giffords Marketing Strategies

Slogan Or Marketing Message

“Eat good feel well”

This slogan or message attracts the customers towards a good place and towards good health strategies as well.

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