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Gender Discrimination in Education in the United States

Gender Discrimination in Education in the United States

The relationship between the discrimination and education is a primary structure, the discrimination is doneGender Discrimination in Education in the United States with the students across the world, even gender discrimination in education in the United States there are several cases reported by children that they feel discriminated in the schools, colleges, and universities. The discrimination is not only based on the individual level but groups and communities are also involved in it, the contemporary discrimination is done against the minorities. It is considered that discrimination is done from several aspects if someone belongs from the poor family he/she feels discriminated because of the behavior or specific attitude of the people, discrimination is done on the basis of tradition, culture, and value etc. One can be discriminated, if he/she has the language barriers or not able to speak English or other languages.

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The topic is chosen because students are facing discrimination in the education, the discrimination needs to stop as it can affect generations. Discrimination is not only done by the student, parents and teachers are also involve in discrimination, as the boys have the aggressive and rowdy nature, this is the reason that teachers are biased against them and treat girls in a nicer way, in the field of nursing boys have to face so much discrimination. Whereas, young girls are not sent to colleges or universities because some families have misconceptions that women have to do household tasks in future and they do not higher education.

Discrimination in education is wrong, everybody or student needs to give the equal rights so the students can learn and feel free in the education environment. If discrimination does not stop then students can face psychological problems and cannot perform well. Awareness regarding matters of race, gender, and ethnicity needed to be given. The government needs to ensure the civil right, so there should be equal as education is the basic right of every citizen. There is the need to report the cases so actions could be taken.

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