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Gender Discrimination at Work Place


Men and Women are considered as the sporting counterpart for each other, but the major conflict in this systematic support is the term Gender Discrimination.

Gender discrimination is often based on gender stereotypes of a particular society. Considering men physically strong and women as emotional sensitive. It is because of the fact that the term gender is often conflicted with the term sex. Both the terms are used as synonyms of each other in normal context but there a technical difference between the both. Sex is a biological differentiation of individuals categorizing them as males and females this difference of individuals is same in all the cultures while gender is a social differentiation of individuals which categorizes them as masculine and feminine this difference determines the role of individuals in a particular society. The role of individuals in different societies is different and thus role of gender is variable in accordance with the prevailing social setup.

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Sex and gender are different in origin but basically the general role of individuals in a particular society is partly based on the physical potentials of individuals. Along with physical requirement individuals must have to use his/ her mental capabilities in order to move in the society. Gender discrimination in its originality is a phenomenon, by which the role of individuals is determined with in a particular society. Gender Discrimination allows the distribution of the social responsibilities among the members of the society in such an effective manner that one can fulfill his /her responsibilities by using his/ her physical and mental capabilities at optimum. The conflict of gender discrimination arises when only physical part of one strength is considered and the mental part is neglected. As a result of such half considered phenomenon individuals are categorized as strong and week emotionally strong and emotionally sensitive competent and incompetent leaders and followers etc. In this case the gender discrimination doesn’t remain in its totality or originality and is considered as a factor deteriorating the process of development of human skills.

Survey Purpose

To know about the impact of gender discrimination among the women. How they work and live in different society’s

Research Question

What is the impact of gender discrimination among the women,

Theoretical Frame Work



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