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Function of Radar Transmitter

Function of the Radar Transmitter, Feedhorn, Antenna, and Receiver

Radar Transmitter

A radar transmitter can produce the electromagnetic waves in the radio so that there could be aFunction of Radar Transmitter transmitting in the antenna and in the receiving antenna.


Feedhorn is used for the higher frequency, as they are known as the satellite dishes that have the small horn antenna for conveying the radio waves to the transmitter and the receiver, however, the waves could be conveyed to parabolic reflector, it converts the radio frequency for the radio waves.


An antenna could be referred to the components that feed the radio waves and collect them so that incoming radio waves could be transmitted, antenna help to convert the electric currents so that it could be transmitted to the receiver.


A receiver could be known as the receiving antenna, which is used for the transmitting and receiving of the processor so that properties could be determined.

Difference between primary and secondary radar

Primary radar has the ultra high frequency that helps to generate the electromagnetic waves, the radar transmitter sends out pulses and used to detect the reflected pulse, the example can be the airplane.

Secondary radar help to a discrete radio signal, it includes the communication for tracking the information, as it broadcasts a message or location, altitude, velocity etc.

Radar Controller

The radar controller, use to help in providing the air traffic control known as procedural control. However, the tower controller helps the visual aids so that aircraft could be separated.

Use of radar make the air traffic control system more efficient

Radar gives the benefits to the air traffic control system and makes functions more efficient, as ATC radar transmitters can support the weather; traffic and the bird activity information, the vector aircraft provide the separation, and there is the effective use of airspace and help in the intended landing. It also provides assistance to aircraft that are in distress.

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