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Free People Opens Its First Store in West Michigan Review

Free People Opens Its First Store In West Michigan

As mentioned in the article by Shandra Martinez that the Free People is a retailer, which is known for the American bohemian accessories and apparel. The company is the Philadelphia based retailer and will open its first store, in West Michigan. As the store will be, open in the Breton village, so the company is doing efforts to get the positive income results. The company has the 220,000 square-foot shopping, center, which is located at the corner (Martinez, 2016).

The Breton road has the shopping center now, the company is offering the various products to attract the consumers, their company gives the signature line of the bohemian chic, in which there are women clothing, accessories, shoes, swimwear and all other products are included. To attract the women the company is offering the wellness and beauty product so that the beauty conscious people can be attracted towards the skin care products or range. The company is offering the wide range of products at the one more Michigan location.  The location is at the Somerset collection, the shopping center in troy.

The company is focused on opening the new branches at the different or famous place of the town so that the Free People Opens Its First Store in West Michigan Reviewcustomers can know about the brand and maximum sells or profitability could be there. However, the company required doing the marketing but the decision was effective to give the variety to the customer while opening the new branches. The company has taken the good decision of opening the new branch with various products or variety of the products as there could be benefits for the company, the decisions were good, but the future will decide the outcomes. If the customer feels happy by the bohemian product then the sales could be expanded otherwise there could issue faced by the company and there could be negative outcomes.

Free People can be served as an additional fashion store to the customers, as there are many other famous restaurants and shopping center in the West Michigan, may the customers will like the shopping center, but the competition is tough in the market. There is needed to take the clever decision or need to make the effective strategies if the business wants to get success in the market (Messner, 2013). The competition is hard in the market as CWD’s include the long list of retailers in the West Michigan.

In order to get advantages in the new countries or the cities, region, even of the brands is famous, there is the need to analyze the market situations, communication processes and the culture first, as the urban outfitters brand is going to launch so the company need to consider all the process. The companies are getting benefits who have managed all the process effectively and efficiently so that the success can be achieved.

West Michigan includes the companies like Orvis, Chipotle, Five Guys, Mexican Grill, Lululemon, Trader Joes etc. The company Free People has the success in the Philadelphia, but it does not mean that they will get success in West Michigan. There is the need to manage the human resource and the strategies as the company is managing the effective strategies in the Philadelphia from 1970’s.

The company has also launched the several private brands in the U.S and Canada, they have the specialty stores, the company is effectively managing and taking the business decision in regards to serving the customers and get the benefits. The company has effectively managed the communication processes and the business culture or relationships with the other countries or in the new market. It means that the Company is effectively dealing with all the process. Little focus on the significant strategies and decisions by the company can give them the good position in the market.

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