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Finagle A Bagel Cafe Accounting

Information System And Accounting At Finagle A Bagel

 “Managing Money At Finagle A Bagel”

Finagle a Bagel is collecting data from both internal and external sources, as they need to manage their accounting system, they want to take accurate decision, based on sales and profit, managing the data of customers and current assets, liabilities, helped them to take effective decision better for their customers. They want to provide the best services to their customers and the customized services, what customer’s desires. By managing the data, they could know about the profit they have earned, they can manage the staff, food orders and day-to-day function.

They track the cash, sales revenue and the expenses, on the daily basis, as they want check and manage their system that in what ways organization could be effective to the make the relevant decisions, if the organization fully know about its lacking by managing the data actively, then easily effective decisions could be taken. By managing and checking the system, there will fewer threats of the store level thefts, if the data is secure and protected then, any company can evaluate itself that what they need to do, to retain the staff and the customers. However, the process of tracking the data can take a lot of time, and sometimes may be disturb the flow of the work.

Finagle A Bagel Cafe Accounting

As a small business, the Finagle a Bagel, manages it current liabilities, tracking the current ratio can help the company in knowing about the current liabilities that how the current liabilities will be paid. This could be an effective way to know about the current expenses and how much profit the company is getting but there are need to know or manage the account receivable also, account receivable could tell about the wholesales and receives the turnover. The current assets position of Finagle a Bagel can be improved through managing the collecting on outstanding bills effectively.

The frequent Finagler card is effective way to make the customer loyal and to know about the buying behaviors of their customers. Finagle a Bagel maintain their strategies very well, the card will give the one point to the loyal customers, and when the clients or customers know they are getting points on every single product they are buying, then buying behaviors will be increases, as the customers know that they are going to get the product for free. The loyal customers will definitely go for the card and buy it for $1, the productivity of the Finagle a Bagel, will be increases, which is the ultimate advantage to the company.

Managing Money At Finagle A Bagel

The decision of Finagle a Bagel, to open the new stores, by approaching the venture capitalist for the funding is a great idea, continue growing can make the firm future bright. If they are bought by the big brands, they will have the grater or bigger opportunities, as the big companies have an innovative thing, the innovation of the new products according to the customer’s choice can make them able to earn profit. The plan is good, they can prove themselves in the market that are good at everything, this is the reason they are opening their branches, the growing chains can give them good points that how food services could be improved and they might be able to acquire the acquisitions.

The growth plans will be helpful for the company to make more money, it is better to give the  interest on borrowed money and repay the money, because the good will; will be created in the market, the investor will trust them more, and give them more money so they expand their more branches or franchises. Finagle a Bagel, should prefer the repay and the interest pay, if they want expand their business, through the good will of the company the opportunities will be there in market, if the investor may more attention than risk to grow will be decreases, the customers, assets and cash flow is very important to run any business.

For the expansion of the business the raise money through IPO, could be effective in some way and there could be disadvantages for the Finagle a Bagel, the company can get the addition capital, the issuance of the IPO, can help the company to grow its capital. The stock and capital for the future can also manage, and there could be plans for the incentive plans of the employees. The company can also acquire the acquisition, for a company it is sufficient to purchase a company, as more acquisition takes place, and important things like financing and innovation processes help the company.

There could also disadvantages, if the IPO take place, it is very expensive and time consuming, and there are legal, accounting and marketing fees or cost. Loss of control could also take place; company may be unable to manage the function effectively, as the number of owner’s increases and there could be problems in making the decisions.

As an investor, it would be an opportunity for me to buy the share of Finagle a Bagel, as they prioritize their stake holders, the company stock will be a good investment, as their franchises are increasing day-after-day and they have a good will in the market, their strategies are effective for the stakeholders. It will be a great investment as they have the loyal customers; there are many chances of increases in the productivity and the profitability with the innovations and IPO. The small business is running good, so it will be an opportunity to buy a share if want success.

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