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Facial Expressions Activity

Facial Expressions Activity

Visual aid Usage

Time: 40-45 Minute

Material Needed

  1. Paper plates
  2. Ice-cream sticks
  3. Markers
  4. H.U glue

Procedure: The teacher will draw the various general facial expressions and will paste the paper plates with the ice-cream stick using the glue. A magnet will attached to a few other paper plates showing different facial expressions. These other plates will be attached to a magnetized board.

Teacher will cut vocabulary strips with their expressive words on it.

She will call one by one the students and ask them to tell what do they think about this face expressed.

After fixing the correct faces with their correct description, the teacher then will provide a worksheet showing human faces with human-like emotion instead of cartoon faces.

This would be reimplication of all that is learnt earlier by elementary students.

Revisional Worksheet

Name: ______________

Class: ___________

Section: Took at the following faces and choose the right word that fits it.

Facial Expressions Activity

Word Bank

hungry, shy, asleep, drawing smug, guilty, sad, happy, surprise, anger, fear


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