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Evaluating The Journal Article on Marketing


In the 21st century, all the women are playing an important role in the progress of the economy and also take full part in support of their family. They equally work with men to run their houses. Their purchasing power and style is going to different with the passage of time. Their selection based on taste, preferences, likes and dislikes and brands. As a consumer attitude and perception, the selection of items may be different according to need and lifestyle. In Oman, women select the cars according to their preference. They decide which brand provide them car according to their need and use methodologies to selecting a best one car. The social development and educational growth increase so their contribution also increases from 22.2% to 27% in work. Women granted equal opportunities for education and work, so they work bitterly and present and prove themselves as a supportive hand for their families.

Summary of the article:

This study includes all the market trends and its customer behaviors regarding the purchasing power and brand likeness of purchasing of the car. It includes qualitative method and research, information related to women customer selecting cars are collected, analyze and review with different variables of decision making and different marketing programs which helps to understand different market segmentation and brand choices. Consumer behavior model is helpful in understands the thinking of customers. Basically, this process is a recycle process which starts with research, then evaluate other alternatives, then purchase decision and act, after comes post-purchase evaluation, and then feedback is coming which decide to further use that product or switch to another one. Normally, this decision includes two points: one is the usage of a commodity is belong to previous experience of the product and second thing is external behaviors like culture, social need, family influence and personal requirement .the individual and environment variables are shown great impact on decision making. Decision should be made on the need of consumption. Generally, before purchasing, a brief survey of the market should be important which create good relationship marketing between consumer and market and help to select a better choice for them self. Brand segmentation is also important. Different brand represents a different way of thought to utilize their product .market segmentation is also taking part in this regard because according to the need of the customer, the market should be presented and selection for the consumer should be easy. The market is only successful if it provides the customer according to their need product. Three main views should be clear while selecting and moving in the market for the best and suitable car for women are an open-ended elaboration, open-ended clarification and detail elaboration which helps women to present their thoughts and requirements in front of the market and then get a car according to their need.


Oman market set a sample plan and interview different women of different age groups and checks what is their thinking regarding purchasing a car. Age, living factors, educations, and occupations are the main points which consider every woman who comes to buy a car. Market use product strategy, place strategy, price strategy and promotion strategy to attract customers in the market.

A discussion with the senior manager of automobile company (strategic marketing partner for Japanese automobile giant in Oman) said that we adopt a different approach with women customer. Because of its effective marketing strategies, they capture 40% market share of the automobile industry.Japanese industry didn’t offer any discount offer because they thought it devalues the product. Instead of this, they offer extra values like extra services extra insurance, extra petrol which create a value in customer’s mind and also they reward customer which make them different from other automobile industries.

Special advertising facility does not offer especially for women because they provide so much satisfaction and trust so without advertisement customers attract towards them. Whereas other companies in other countries give more attention on advertisement and publicity of their cars. So normally, the study of market need three steps: data collection, data reduction, and interpretation. Researchers selected and meaning full data and utilize it for their benefit.

Women are interested in interviews which present their needs like very first car, future plans, surrounding effects after purchasing, preferences, choice factors, personal tests, brand awareness, key association to brands, manufacturers, opinions related to marketing efforts of car dealer, product preferences, role of service component to sale, significance of price and related offers and other communicational influences. All are important aspects while purchasing the car in Oman. Car marketers provide the role of training to women regarding tire changing, coolant check and oil check and many other small mechanics of car recognize women.car value in their personal life is also important. It may change their lifestyle and influence their family in a positive way. A review conducted which shows the different ages heir main demands for car purchasing: the 20+ group arrives and peer, dependent group, 30+group is materialistic and achievement-oriented, 40+ group is a fiercely independent group and the 50+ group is an inwardly content group. The 20+ group considers themselves new and independent members. They show boldness while selecting of car brand like BMW etc if they work they willing to buy a high standard and stylish car. They have great awareness of brands and want the first-hand car for the use. They want good speed, great comfort and safety and a little maintenance and powerful engine just like a sports car. They want control of time, work, and needs. In Oman, women want to drive and feel her safe and dependent for their family.

30+ group women are more aspiration .they want acquisition of house, car and best school for kids and also follow their priorities. They think that career is most important for making a good status in society and for their families. They are cost accountants of their families. They want a fine balance between their home and career. Their first car was related to husband and they use it for many years. Normally they select a second-hand car that includes all comfort and safety features for their children especially.

40+ group women are independent or married but some time single. They have more than one activity to do and want a car first handed but a middle range car whose petrol consumption is moderate. They have all the knowledge of brands and select a better place to purchase their car. They want free maintenance with car purchasing. They need good customer service which guides them through the features of the car. Normally in Oman women purchase a car in social pressure and use the car for need but not as a status symbol.

Basically, all around the world women now become the helping hand of their families and do maximum work to support their families. They work on their career and get a better job opportunity by utilizing their education. Oman gives more attention to the progress of women and feels them independent and relies on their own.  Selection of cars is a point to present the thoughts of women. Different age groups of women select car according to age requirement and responsibilities of their families. But the main point is that every need of women related to the car can be achievable through automobile market. Other countries also provide all facilities to women and also focus on career.basically, it’s all about the markets. Different market strategies are applied in markets which help to enhance the credibility of markets also help the sellers to attract more customers and markets become customer oriented. Different policies and segments are established which provide a wide range of companies to offer their products and attract the customers of different age according to their need and requirement. The strong market relationship is very important in this regard and helps everyone to perform its role and get maximum benefits. In short, effective communication and effective offer for selling their products are important which make them unique from others and the customer may attract towards them. Market condition is normally depending on customer’s ratio. Customer purchasing power also set the trend of markets and its growth rate.

Role of Omani Markets:

Under his Majesty’s Sultan Qaboos rule, the social development of Omani women is increasing very speedily. They provide equal opportunity rights to women to perform well in the field of education and make their career strong. Normally, married and educated women work for their children and family. They may more attention in making their career and utilize their skills. As above discussion, selection of cars is a very important issue for women of Oman. Different age groups have different needs related to cars. Selection of cars is depending upon the number of responsibilities they have to face. Young and unmarried girls like fast and latest cars with high brands, married and job oriented need a second hand and good consumption car.  Omani market has different strategies than other. They provide different facilities to their customers instead of discounting policies especially Japan automobile company in Oman do this same thing. The actual thing is that women want good quality and reliable commodity for their usage. The market develops best customer relationship with customers through their best services and offers which may be suitable according to their requirement. This is a general perception that when in any economy the purchasing power goes high, its reflect positively on the overall earning of the economy. Women who want to purchase car having a sustainable purchasing power that’s why they want to purchase, which also give a rise on their economy because they also do some job to earn a handsome amount of money. Oman now pays more focus on economic growth with overall development and remove all hurdles which prevent the working women to support their families and making their earning capacity high. Markets also run because of good brands. Now people want branded commodity especially women. They select each and everything branded especially their own usage. So they also select the car of a brand you have a good reputation in the marketplace and also provide good facilities to their customers. Brands play a very important role in developing the market and make the relationship between seller and customer strong because of fulfilling their require demands.car brands offer every range, type, and color of cars so the customer has a large range to select their choice in given range. Women need more comfortable, having safety features in case of accident, insurance policy of their car, having engine who consume less oil and petrol, seats are reasonable for their families and provide proper maintenance facilities in case of an issue. Also, provide guidance that what they have to do if they found any problem in their car when no service provider available.


After all detail discussion, we conclude our topic in such a way that women have different choice and thoughts to select a car for them self. They have different priorities, preferences, and used to select a suitable car for their family and for their own usage. Oman provides great facilities to women which help them to support and make them strong enough to do their jobs by getting a good education and also fulfill their all responsibilities without any problem or issue. A different school of thoughts we have seen above regarding the purchase of cars. Women have to face different social responsibilities and they have to maintain their lifestyle at a good level. Young girls work to make they’re like better and married girls work to make a helping hand for their family and improve their living standard in a society. Oman government supports their female community for the betterment of society and improves the standard of the economy in this competitive marketplace.

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