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Enterprise Resource Planning Competency

What is Enterprise Resource Planning? 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a process in which various companies integrate and manage the vital parts of their businesses. The Enterprise Resource Planning Management System in these firms integrates the following areas, Planning, Purchasing, Sales and marketing and even the Human Resources.

What is Enterprise Resource Planning Competency?

Enterprise Resource Planning Competency is a portfolio of managerial, technical, and organization skills and even the expertise that is required for performance improvement in business. This comes into place after the ERP system stabilization.

Enterprise Resource Planning Competency

How to achieve Enterprise Resource Planning Competency

To achieve ERP competency, the partners must complete the exams that enable them to become Microsoft Certified Professionals successfully. This proves their level of your technological expertise.

The partners must also submit customer references demonstrating successful projects and even the sales assessments.

Hire MCP can also play a significant role in enabling you to achieve ERP Competency by providing you with unique ideas through consultancy. Hire MCP can also create a general organizational framework that can allow you to achieve this competency.

Competency Requirements

For the businesses to achieve the two types of competencies which are the Gold and Silver the business organization must achieve the following minimum requirements.

Details Silver Gold
Annual investment  Yes  Yes
Customer references  3   5
Business focused Competency assessments  1   2
Technology professionals must pass  technical exam assessment or both  1   2
Complete Partner Profile Yes   Yes

Competency Benefits

When you enroll or renew your membership in the Enterprise Resource Planning Competency in the either membership plans of the Microsoft Partner Membership you enjoy the following advantages.

Details Silver Gold
Accessibility to Microsoft Incentives Yes Yes
Accessibility to Microsoft License Wise for Volume Licensing Yes Yes
Accessibility to presales Assistances Unlimited for cloud deals $30000+ for hybrid and limited for premises of products Unlimited for cloud deals $30000+ for hybrid and limited for premises of products
Microsoft Payment Solutions Yes Yes

*Source* https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/membership/messaging- competency

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