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Emirates Airline Management

Airline Management Essay

There are different levels of an airline management that handles and manages the working of the airline department with great efficiency and with best results as well. Any of the organization or system that manages its operations and strategies well only able to work with consistency and good efficiency as well. There is top management in the Emirates airline management system consists of president CEO and vice presidents of a system that runs the system. In middle management directors and superintendents came that holds the working of the system and in operating management managers, assistants, section chiefs and general supervisors came that maintains the working system of the airline organization.

Emirates Airline Management

There are two types of functions that are mainly handled by airline management in their premises that are of airside and roadside. The roadside operations are related to the outgoing and incoming of the people at the airport side. This management is very much important and essential to handle properly so that they can be managed well. The airside management needs to be handled with consistency.

The other function of airline management is to manage airside functions that are concerned with the takeoff and landing of the flights. This is a very sensitive kind of function that if ignored then it may disturb the whole system of the airport in terms of getting great efficiency in their system.

Line departments are actually the hierarchies that are concerned with the functions of the managing the functions and methods that can easily generate revenue for the organization. It is very much necessary to manage those departments in order to keep the revenue generator function smoothly and effectively in that organization. There are always present two functions in the organization’s line and staffing department.

Both of these departments have different functions to perform but they can only be managed if handled carefully. There is a difference of authorities in both the departments. Line department has a complete authority and staff department does not have any specific authority. The breakdown or dispute among the different departments is that both not only blame each other in terms of performance also have a difference of rights in between them.

In recent times, an article came in the independent.com site that has mentioned all the new luxuries available for the passengers in the high-class services by the Emirates in their newly launched airline. They are offering well and undoubtedly efficient services to the passengers who are going to take their services. Apart from that, the prices they are charging are not only reasonable but as well affordable for the people to choose from them and to take their services again and again with positivity and good trust as well. The most important feature is to gain the trust of the people with the concerns that take much care of them in order to keep their efficiency well and in order to attract more customers towards their services. That is the most efficient and essential target of every organization indeed. (Independent.com.mt, 2018)

Forecasting is the most important and essential feature of any airline that needs to be supported well and to be managed accurately and efficiently because the airlines, of course, deal the air conditions. If these conditions are not accurate and out of order then it is just impossible to take off the flight as it is very much dangerous if flights took off in the bad weather. The planes may get crash into such weather as well as they are not be handled easily if get stuck in bad weather that is why all the process should be managed efficiently as a must.

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